The TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas are among the hottest sports entertainment athletes in the world. These bombshell beauties bring a ton of talent to the four and six-sided rings each week on the Raw, ECW, Impact, Superstars and Smackdown TV shows. You probably know the names of current divas like Kelly Kelly, Melina, Mickie James and Michelle McCool, but how about the current knockouts? They include female wrestlers like Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Traci Brooks, ODB, SoCal Val and Taylor Wilde. Some even argue that the TNA womens wrestlers are more talented in the ring than the divas.

So who would win in a battle of TNA Knockouts vs WWE Divas? There's plenty of talent on both sides, but TNA's femme fatales might win based on he size factor. WWE's women wrestling division has some very skilled divas in the ring, but there don't seem to be many capable of defeating someone like Awesome Kong from TNA. At 5'9 and near 300 pounds, Kong is an intimidating 2-time champion on her wrestling brand. She's beaten the best of the best on there, and most likely would not see much competition from WWE, with the exception of maybe Beth Phoenix who has the most pure strength of the divas. Other divas like Kelly Kelly, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox most likely would have trouble with her, and maybe even with TNA's ODB, who also is a larger female competitor. After that, you've got the talents of Tara, a former WWE diva, Angelina Love, the towering Rhaka Kahn, and newcomer Sarita who is a high-flyer Latina wrestler. Advantage would seem to go to TNA here although WWE's got Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim and Michelle McCool, each of who are champions capable of holding their own in competition. Gail Kim (WWE) and Tara (TNA) have each held gold on both brands.

When it comes to the beauty side of things, WWE may have that contest won. With extremely gorgeous womens wrestlers like Alicia Fox, Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Layla El, Maryse, Maria, and The Bella Twins, they seem to have more "eye candy". However, let's not forget some of the hot knockout wrestlers, such as Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Christy Hemme, SoCal Val, Madison Rayne and Tara. In particular, Christy Hemme and Tara (WWE's Victoria) are formerly from WWE. Christy won the first televised diva search contest and even appeared in Playboy. Additionally, Velvet Sky was a contestant back in the contest in 2007. Victoria, who comes from WWE combines her beauty with some great in-ring skills. It really comes down to a matter of preference as to who you choose in the beauty side of it, but I'll give the advantage to WWE's divas versus the TNA Knockouts.

A battle of the TNA Knockouts vs. WWE Divas just might be one amazing and popular Pay-Per-View event. It could be an all womens wrestling event featuring various matches such as Tag team and singles competitions. An overall tally of wins for each brand of womens wrestlers just might tell us the story of which of these female fighters are the best around. For now, fans will have to continue debating which women are the best of the wrestling world.