A PPV or a House Show... Where Am I? What Am I Watching?

What is the greatest riddle in wrestling right now? Is it why TNA have fired Matt Hardy? Why they have brought back Jeff Hardy? Why Kevin Nash doesn't ever want to do a job? Is Matt Hardy dying or being reborn? Is it why Sting is now nothing more than a B Rate knock off character?

I'm going to try and move away from some of these things and talk about something else. But if you haven't got the hint just yet, I'm not moving too far away. In the end, it's always going to be something to do with TNA, Total Non Stop Action (iPMACT Wrestling) Wrestling. Don't get me wrong. I don't like to point fingers and judge, but it appears that TNA's only method of seeking attention is to use those tactics. There is a noticeable problem, however, that appears in front of my eyes once a month. I watch a TNA PPV, and it feels like I am watching either another episode of iMPACT Wrestling or I'm observing a TNA house show. For the last 3 or 4 PPV's it's been impossible to distinguish what importance the PPV has. Do they have any significance at all? I know that TNA are really now just booking for TV and ratings, but do they have to be this half-assed.  

I used to feel that iMPACT Wrestling was a genuine alternative to the WWE. It was considered unique in it's representation and it's content. However, since the introduction of Hulk Higan and Eric Bischoff in 2010, TNA has become a B-Rate WWE style show each week. It's not just about losing the 6 sided-ring. If you watched the Destination X PPV, then you would have seen that the ring had lost it's spark and uniqueness. The presentation lacked the passion and imagination that was rife in the past.  In the last few years, I've seen a steady decline in TNA's presentation of their PPV's. For the last few years, TNA have used the same presentation for their PPV's inside Orlando. They just change the graphics on the titantron. What's the problem with that? There are always iMPACT Wrestling or TNA IMPACT signs still scattered around the arena. TNA needs to understand how to brand a show to make fans think there is a difference. I tuned in for Slammiversary and a saw ring drenched with iMPACT Wrestling blue colour designs, the same used on TV. If I had watched Summerslam and seen them use  RAW designed ring aprons then I would be aghast. Yet, here TNA is. A national wrestling company that either doesn't care or ingnores the need to spend time on this subject matter. This can be attributed to the rebranding scheme of the company. The world title is called the iMPACT Wrestling World Title, however, it has the letters TNA clearly embossed  on the chamionship belt. Clearly, nobody knows what to call the company - neither insiders, commentators or wrestlers. The new cheap Directv design brought in does not indulge my imagination. I was happier seeing Stacker 5 Hour Energy printed on the canvas.

TNA looks and feels generic. This is something that needs to be changed if TNA wants to attract more than a dissapointing 8,000 buys for each PPV. Now that ROH (Ring of Honor) are taping to begin their new show under the reign of Sinclair Networks, TNA need to be cautious of the rise of a company that will soon have 23% audience reach out with their new tv show. Bischoff can write off their chances as much as he likes (as said on Monday Night Mayhem), but TNA should be fearful of another company having a greater share in this already small national market. ROH let's their talent flourish. It's time for TNA to concentrate on the small things. In some cases, the smallest things are the most important.