Now you can wear a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes while also making the world a better place to live.  The TOMS shoe company is making a big impact in the lives of children in impoverished areas.  TOMS has a program that matches every pair of shoes purchased by a customer with another pair that gets donated to a child in a third world country.  The TOMS company was started four years ago by Blake Mycoskie.  Mycoskie was a contestant on the television program, The Amazing Race.  During the course of the program, Mycoskie and his sister traveled to Argentina where Mycoskie noticed many children in some of the poorer villages could not afford shoes.    After returning to Argentina later on vacation, Mycoskie was struck with the idea of creating a shoe company to that in part would be created to help provide children with shoes.    The company has rapidly expanded and has now provided over 10,000 children with shoes  In part because of this philanthropic approach to business, TOMS shoes have become very popular and appeal to wide range of customer.   Shoe options range from casual to formal wear more suitable to being worn at weddings.  The company has created an opportunity to serve it’s customers while also providing a true benefit to those who are less fortunate.

            Shoes may be something that many of us in the United States take for granted.    Many children living in impoverished third world countries go without much of the most basic and  necessary supplies needed to survive.  Their families  struggle to make ends meet and have to cut corners in any way possible.  Often this means going without shoes.   This is a common experience for many children.  TOMS is a company that started out wanting  to make a difference.  Even though it may not seem like shoes are a big deal, they are.  Living barefoot increases your chances of obtaining many life-threatening diseases, as bacteria is able to enter the body through cuts and wounds in the foot.  Because of the concern over the spread of disease, many schools require shoes as a mandatory component of school uniforms and kids who cannot afford shoes are then not allowed to attend school.  The company has transformed the buying experience of their customers into an effort to make a difference in the lives of others.  By spending your disposable income, which most Americans are much more fortunate to have, they are able to make a better incredible difference in the lives of these children which will ultimately make a difference in the world.  

            “A Day Without Shoes” is an awareness campaign that TOMS sponsored on April 5, 2011.  By registering for this event you were able to experience what these impoverished children experience everyday.  “A Day Without Shoes” was designed to have the participants understand what it must be like to live without shoes for one day.  For many participants this was a truly eye opening experience.   Whether you are buying these shoes for yourself, a family member, friend, etc. you are also helping out a child.  These shoes provide comfort and are designed for the specific terrain and environment these kids live in so they have a long lifespan.  TOMS had done everything they can to create a shoe that is specific to the lifestyles of a  wide customer base and their everyday lifestyle.   

            TOMS has created many different functional styles. The company has designed the shoe to fit both men and women as well as children.  This shoe has a wide variety of colors and prices.  The basis for the TOMS shoe is a canvas based organic shoe.  They are super comfortable for everyday wear with an with an elastic inset.  Because of the canvas material, the shoe also expands so you have extra room for comfort.  The company is always making room for innovative styles based on the changing seasons.  The shoe is very breathable and lightweight allowing you to move easily and slip them on and off without any problems.  For the normal activities of the average customer, these shoes are able are very wearable for the entire day.

            Not only does TOMS make a difference, they provide many different alternatives to the basic slip-on shoe.  Newly introduced they have spring and summer collection that are perfectly suited to being outdoors, and look very fashionable in the classroom or the neighborhood barbecue.   TOMS has also introduced a variety of new colors and a wide variety of styles that will suit all kinds of wardrobe styles.  The colors they provide are very functional and are easily adaptable to different looks.  The shoes also provide a lot of flexibility and the customer is able is able to shift from many different looks throughout the day without having to change their shoe.  Again, keeping in mind the mission of the company of providing shoes for those who cannot buy shoes for themselves, TOMS shoes are the must functional shoe on the market.  With what other purchase will you be able to indulge in building your shoe collection while making the world a better place to live at the same time.

            Overall, TOMS not only provides the customer with comfort, but they are making a difference.  The product they offer is not only a trendy shoe but also a life changer.  The company designed this shoe with the customer in mind as well as the idea of making a difference.  This product is very adaptable and changes all the time so you aren’t just stuck with a limited amount of options.  The shoe is a comfortable canvas material that is organic and very reasonably priced.  For the price of one shoe you are also buying another pair for a needy child.  TOMS created a shoe that is comfy and durable as well as fashionable and trendy.  The different options that they offer make it difficult to buy just one pair.  They designed this shoe to create difference as well as cause a new fashion. “must have.”  To say that you have changed the life of another individual is some thing that not everyone can say and with the purchase of one pair of TOMS, you can say you have.