TOPS Computational Notebooks are great for taking notes in collegeCredit: Amazon

As an engineering student, I go through a lot of engineering and graph paper. I use it for everything from taking notes in class, to working homework problems, to writing my grocery lists. Once you get used to all the lines, there’s no going back! That’s why I take notes in a TOPS Computation Notebook.

Bound Engineering Paper Notebooks

I decided a few semesters ago to look for a bound engineering paper notebook that I could take to class and take notes with. At first search, it appeared that such a product did not exist. There weren’t any good bound engineering paper notebooks. Then one day I just happened upon a student in the library using just such a thing! I asked him what brand it was and he told me that it was a TOPS Computation Notebook.

TOPS Computation Notebook

The TOPS Computation Notebook 35126 is a bound notebook with quad ruled paper. It is not spiral bound, so you’d expect to have trouble keeping it open while you take notes, work math problems, etc. This is not the case! The binding is very soft and somewhat flexible, and it lays flat very well once you get past the first few pages.

Engineering Paper

The paper is tinted a slight green color like most engineering paper. This reduces the glare off the paper and makes it easier on your eyes. Great for those late-night homework sessions!

The quads on the paper are 4 squares per inch (which is a little big for me, but I write really small). The squares are printed on both sides of the paper, which makes it great for taking notes in class. By using both sides, you can fit more into each TOPS computation notebook, enabling you to fit an entire semester’s worth of notes into the 78 sheets in each notebook.

TOPS Computational Notebooks Paper is ruled in quadsCredit: AmazonCovers

Speaking of taking notes, there are neat labels on the front covers of these notebooks that make them great for printing your class (and class location and time) so you can easily tell your notebooks apart.  The brown covers also don’t wear too badly inside your backpack. You could also print your name on the outside labels just in case you lose your notebook.

Other Features

Some of the other great things about these notebooks are the wide margins for taking notes. If you’re like me, you’ll probably remember something that the professor said that you didn’t write down during class. You can just jot those down in the margins so you don’t forget.

Each page is numbered (beginning at 1 and going through 156). I like to use the back couple pages of these notebooks to build a short index of all my notes. The page numbers allow me to keep my notes and thoughts organized.

Buy TOPS Computation Notebooks

You might be able to find these at your local office supply stores (this is the only place I could find them) since they are geared primarily toward professionals. You can also find them online for reasonable prices. I normally pay between $18 and $20 for each of my notebooks. It’s a bit more than a simple ruled notebook, but I think the comfort and durability of these notebooks makes it worthwhile.