Jumpstart Your Diet

Jumpstart your diet

It’s that time of the year again where everyone sets their New Year’s Resolutions.  One of the top resolutions in the United   States is to go on a diet and lose weight.  Many of Americans fight with their weight and struggle with keeping to a diet.  One of the best ways to get a good start and keep to your diet is to give it a jumpstart.  These five things will help you on that path.




  1. The average American does not drink enough water per day.  You should be drinking 8 to 10 full glasses of water per day.  Count how many glasses of water you normally drink and add one more per day until you reach ten glasses.  If you drink coffee, soda or tea, replacing one cup with a cup of water will give you that jumpstart you need.  Also, try flavored waters or sparkling water to mix things up.




  1. Start your day off right with a good meal.  Often we are rushing off to our jobs and feel like we don’t have time for breakfast, but look for quick and easy recipes that you can prepare the night before or grab and go out the door.  By skipping breakfast, you have continued the clock from the last time you ate and increased your chance of destroying your diet.  If you work in an office situation, you will either be foraging around the office for anything to eat by mid-morning or racing to lunch and grabbing whatever your body is craving.  And that is usually not the right thing for your diet.




  1. Forget the frozen diet meals and prepackaged foods.  Stick to fresh vegetables and fruits.  Cook meats that you season and marinade yourself.  You can eliminate extra additives, sugars and unneeded salt from you diet simply by cooking from fresh.  When shopping at the supermarket, shop primarily in the outer aisles.  These locations contain the fresh and useful foods for you diet.  The inner aisles are canned, frozen and processed foods that you should try to avoid.




  1. Many people try to cut out everything “cold turkey” when going on a diet.  If you want to help yourself jumpstart your diet, then the better way is to give yourself a little leeway to work your way out of some habits.  This may be contrary to some people’s beliefs, but if you can’t give something up or you slip back into eating that piece of candy, don’t throw your hands up and quit, just work your way away from those bad habits.  A half a piece of cake at a work birthday party is better than the second piece of cake you snuck in at the last party.




  1. Log in what you ate each day and keep honest to into.  If you are weighing yourself or using some sort of measurement, than keep that in the journal too.  By doing this you can look back at what days you saw progress and what days you did not.  Did you spend a day with family and ate Mom’s home-style cooking, and then saw no progress the next day?  With a journal, you won’t beat yourself up but rather notice why you did not see progress.  When you see a lag in reaching your goal, you can look back at your journal and make the needed adjustment.



            Following these five steps to get a jumpstart on your diet and help you keep on track.  It is important to not give up on your diet and don’t let small setbacks get in your way.  Just keep moving along.