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To begin, there has been a Star Wars MMO already done, that failed game, that made so many mistakes it will never be redeemed is Star Wars: Galaxies. However, hopefully unlike that game, The Old Republic will succeed and add a new layer of canonical history to the period 3,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. While there has been a lot of Star Wars lore laid out before A Phantom Menace and after Return of the Jedi there has not been a lot done with the period before these films. Bioware did an excellent job in creating a stand alone RPG game called Knights of the Old Republic. The Old Republic will return to the same universe, starting around 300 years after the original role playing game. Players will get to revisit the glory days of The Old Republic as it is at war with it's age old enemy the Sith Empire.

My main concern however, is not that this game will deliver. I know that it will, but is it fair to call this game the WoW killer, many have speculated that each new MMO will destroy the World of Warcraft fanbase. As a former WoW nerd and a follower of The Old Republic (I visit the bioware forums frequently to check on updates), I do not believe that this game will kill the WoW franchise. In fact, I believe that this game should be labeled "dumb-downed" WoW 2.0. And, it is hard to dumb down WoW. Let me explain, The Old Republic in the past several months, since the E3 showing, has shown prospective players for the first time some of the combat video's and walkthroughs. The game looks like it plays remarkably similar to WoW. This game does not allow the player to have a distinct, unique, role as Galaxy Divided did (before the Combat update) but, forces players to play specific castes like WoW. The XP system and leveling system looks remarkably similar, it's modeled on WoW, and weapons and armor are even bind on pickup like in Wow. I could make an entire list of how this game is shaping up to be similar to WoW, but I won't, you get the idea.

Will this game allow you to make a unique character that no one else has? The answer is probably not. However, this game will allow you to play WoW in space! Now, I am sure that Bioware will deliver on story and RPG elements. They have proven themselves in the game market at beging amble to excellent at delivering in story. If you have played Jade Empire, Mass Effect, or Dragon Age you know that their recent games have not departed from the story pillar. However, when it comes to crafting a unique Star Wars MMO, a game that can be a stand alone sandbox Space/Land mmo experience, this game will probably not be it. While I dislike EVE I believe that EVE will hold the position as the only space sandbox game in existance for it's entire life cycle. Games are devolving into simplictic, easy to control, CONFINED and CONTROLLED settings. Let me be clear, if you don't understand. If you have ever played WoW you know that you play in a confined zone. Everything in that zone is defined and controled by the WoW developers. You can't hike over the mountains to get to another zone, you have to go through the paths and parameters that the developers created for you. In EVE there are no obstacles, you can literally go wherever you want, and the players make and control 95% of everything in the economy. Will there be a player run economy in The Old Republic? The answer is No they already defined that there will be auction houses similar to WoW. Will you be able to PVP anywhere in the world or in space like EVE? The answer is no, the TOR developrs already said there will be PVP battle grounds like in WoW. What about TOR space combat? Right now it is a tunnel shooter where you pilot a ship and fight space targets (not players). There will be no PVP in space in TOR and when it is introduced it will most likely be in a battleground space zone, like in WoW. What about raids? There will be Raids in WoW, but instead of calling them raids they will be called "hotspots"

All the TOR developers have done is remodeled WoW, they kept the controls, changed the classes, and changed names of battle grounds to "firefights" and raids to "hot spots" This will not be a sandbox experience like A Galaxy Divided was before the combat update and it will not be a sandbox game like Eve. This game won't kill WoW because it is WoW 2.0. Have fun playing your sith inquisitor, I'm sure you'll find that it plays remarkably like a Warlock in WoW.