What is the TRX?

The TRX suspension trainer is an exercise equipment made of up two nylon TRX adopted by militarystraps, attached to a stationary, anchor point.  Created by an ex-Navy SEAL, it is generally sold to the US military for their training purpose. Thankfully for civilians like you and me, the suspension trainer is also available for our purchase. The equipment is lightweight Because of its portability, you can take it anywhere with you, even on your hand baggage during those short business trips.

Benefits of TRX Exercises

Since the introduction of suspension training, made popular by systems as the TRX suspension trainer, fitness buffs, athletes or just the regular guy seeking a healthier, stronger body, have been able to target their core muscles effectively through TRX exercises. Regardless of the exercises you perform on the TRX, the act of suspending your body using simple straps in itself requires your body to work at stabilization. Our body instinctively wants to maintain stability, and that intuitive act in itself requires both the frontal and back of the core muscle groups to be engaged or "fired up". In addition, the resistance repetition of carrying out what would usually be normal exercises like push-ups or hip presses, you work multiple muscle groups at the same time. It has been proven that the more muscle groups you engage simultaneously, the more effective an exercise is to build functional muscles. This makes a lot of sense too since your body is working so much harder.

TRXThere are many different types of TRX exercises that can give you a total body workout. Because it is not restrictive like most gym equipment, the exercises carried out using the suspension trainer also explore the full-range of movement often neglected in most exercises otherwise. Conducted with maximum effort and shorter rest periods, the cardio training element can also be incorporated into TRX exercises.

The beauty of TRX exercises is that it caters for all levels of fitness, from the very beginner to the expert athletes, even though the exercises are carried out using only your body weight. This is done by varying your body angle relative to the anchor point. Simple! Often body weight alone may be sufficiently challenging for most, but some may explore increasing resistance through the combined use of the TRX trainer with kettlebells.


Core Muscles are Essential to Good Body Posture and Improving Athletic Performance 

The abdominal and back muscles are often a neglected core muscle group. The issue is perpetuated as most training regimes are limited to strength, flexibilty and cardio training. Even for those that incoporate core training exercises are limited to body weight exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, back lifts, planks, and bridge exercises. For gym goers, you could use the gym equipment to add weights to increase resistance to these exercises, but the limited degrees of movement permitted by the gym equipment limits how your muscles function. In the end, the muscles you build through those body weight exercises and gym equipment are often not functional.

The TRX suspension trainer, however, has the ability to build and strengthen functional core muscles, necessary for your body posture and for carrying out your daily activities, whilst reducing the risks of back injuries. If you are an athlete, a strong core can spur your sporting performance efficiently, allowing you to reach your sporting goals in a shorter time.

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