What has gone wrong with America?

Today I saw a video of yet another TSA atrocity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZdp13LFtOY&feature=player_embedded . I already knew that there were a million things wrong with the world today, from financial lunacy to our civil rights being eaten away at bit by bit by those in power, but how did we get to the TSA?  I mean common, its not like we haven't had problems with drug trafficking, hijacking, and various other crimes being committed via airlines before this. But in the past we have always found NON INTRUSIVE ways to put a stop to these things. And it has worked, metal detectors, bomb and drug sniffing machines and dogs and many other passive but effective forms of actual flight security. What the TSA does with its highly dangerous radiation spewing naked body scanner and its invasive molestation like pat downs is just plain criminal, and accomplishes no more than what security measures were already in place.


How did it come to this, how did people become so complacent and so uninvolved in their own government that they allowed them to violate their privacy to this extent? Many people say "well it was because of 911, we gotta stop the terrorists". But if that’s the case, then don't you think the so called "terrorists" would just come up with another way to get around such measures. I mean the supposed 911 hijackers took down 4 planes with box cutters, ok box cutters. If that’s possible, then why couldn't someone just sharpen one of the lenses on a pair of reading glasses and use that. Or better yet why not go prison inmate style and file down the end of a travel toothbrush with a nail board in the airplane bathroom and you got yourself a shank.  Better yet why not just train the terrorists to be bad ass martial artists who can just kill with their bare hands.  My point is that there are any number of ways that a "terrorist attack" could still easily occur on a plane, REGARDLESS of the TSA and their security measures if someone really wanted to make it happen.


So then what is the point? Why are we allowing ourselves to be treated like criminals and exposing ourselves to deadly radiation if it really does not make us any safer? Think about it, metal detectors aren’t ever going to go away, and they make alot of sense.  You can't make any kind of nuclear weapon without some metal parts, plus most other conventional weapons like guns and knives are made of metal, so metal detectors are pretty damn effective right? Chemical sniffing dogs and machines also make sense, every chemical leaves some kind of trace, and even if somehow they are able to make it completely undetectable as I have said before, if someone really wants to hijack a plane, they will find a way to do it with or without equipment.  This is why we have air marshals on every flight, and undercover profilers in every airport to look for suspicious behavior.  But when we come to the point where EVERYONE is treated like they are already a terrorist, then we have moved past good security and into Subjugation.


And this is what it all boils down to. The TSA is just another government institution designed to make you feel weak and powerless, and to get you used to being told what to do weather you like it or not. It is the predecessor to all out slavery and its not just in airports now, its moving into train stations, bus stations, and has even made appearances at high school proms. Pretty soon if something isn't done about it you will have to get a pat down or go through a body scanner just to get into your office building or order a burger from McDonald’s. So I propose this, if we want to stop the TSA, stop submitting to them.  Find alternate means of travel, take busses while they are still not TSA regulated, take trains where they are not TSA regulated. Teleconference when you can instead of business travel. And even though it feels like it might not do much good, write your congressmen, ALL OF THEM for your state and tell them to stop the TSA in your state. Texas is already trying to do this and they are very close to succeeding, and other states are starting to follow suit, but if you and every one you can tell just all out stops subjecting yourself to them, then they wont have much purpose anymore and congress will wake up and get the message. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. convinced people to do this with segregation on the bus systems, why can't we all follow his noble example and do the same.


So that’s what I think, you can agree or you can be a pushover sheep of the power hunger elite and disagree, but ask yourself, wouldn't you feel happier if you could fly without having to get undressed, flash the security guards, and then let them cop a feel, I would.



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