So it is friday November fourth and I just got done watching TV guide's number two tv show modern family.  So now naturally my inclination is to do an out of order top ten list for my favorite get paid to write articles website infobarrel.  These shows are taken directly from tvguide's website.  The list surprised me some shows on there surprised me, and the some shows that weren't there I thought should be there. I couldn't believe New Girl  staring Zoey Deschanel had made it's way into number 5 so fast. I guess I understand her overwhelming appeal. She is down right adorkable, and her roommates are no slouches either each adding to the comedy in their own special way. Grey's Anatomy is still going strong at number 4. Despite the fact that there are rumors flying around about the shows namesake wanting to call it quits, the show is still striving. Fans of the show probably still miss George and Izzy and the strange romance and sidekick quality they lent to the cast. However, you've got to love the fresh talent that has stepped into to fill the gaps. Then you have X Factor taking spot number 3 which again is another shocker to me. I mean I liked american Idol as much as the next guy, and even got way into a few seasons.  But come on, how many seasons of talent shows can you watch honestly?  Also, I get it Simon is mean, but how is it possible this guy still does what he has done for so many years, and is still on TV?  We get a bunch of nobodies that no one has ever heard of.  Then we show their stories of how they grew up meanwhile we seem them perform on stage. Finally at the end of it we crown someone a winner, and blam next year we forget all about them Ruben, clay, and that old guy that did the Toyota commercials for like a week.  So what was number one? Dancing with the stars is number one. Anyone else just kind of wondering how that happened? I forget who the comedian was that said it best, "They should do a celebrity version of that show".  It's crazy when the guest stars have a bigger place in hollywood than the contestants. Heck some of the professional dancers have more pull than their celebrity counter parts.  So, that's my list or tv guide's list if you want to get specific.