With so many types of shows on TV today, it is hard to weed out which ones our
kids should not watch. Many parents believe that as long as they are cartoons or
animated, they are kid friendly. Well, unfortunately, this is not the case all the time.
Here are some shows that kids should not be watching.

Caillou- Caillou is a show on the Sprout network that is watched mostly by
preschool aged kids. The show is about a boy named Caillou who has a younger sister
whose name is Rosie. Now that is all well and good except for the fact that Caillou
complains about his sister constantly. While it is true that most families have sibling
rivalry but we really do not need a show that encourages this. This show teaches our kids
how to start complaining when they don’t get what they want.

Thomas the Tank- Thomas the Tank is a train that may seem innocent enough but
upon careful watching of the show, Thomas is not as innocent as he seems. First of all,
he is many times is told what to do and ignores those instructions. In the end, he does
end up following the instructions given but this teaches our kids that they don’t have to
listen the first time they are told to do something. They can just blow it off and do it
whenever it is convenient for them.

Max and Ruby- Max and Ruby is another show that is mainly watched by
toddlers. Max and Ruby are bother and sister. The show can be seen on the network,
Nick Jr. The first thing I noticed is that there are never any parents, or any adults for that
matter, seen in any episode. That is extremely concerning all in itself. Max likes to drive
his sister crazy and is never told that what he did was wrong. In one episode, for
example, Max ran off to hide and told no one. So Ruby was hysterically looking for him.
When she did find him, he was never told that is what wrong to do that. We do not want
our kids thinking that doing things like that is okay.

Family Guy- This animated show is supposed to depict the average American
family but instead it contains heavy sexual themes. One episode that stands out is when
Peter went to the doctor for a prostate exam and afterwards, describes it as the same as
being raped. Are you kidding? I actually wrote to the network after this show because as
a rape survivor, I was totally disgusted. The show is also brutal and violent in some
episodes. This is not a show for kids of any age to watch.

American Dad- This is another animated show that is produced by the same idiot
that came up with Family Guy. Stan is the American Dad who is a CIA agent that is
loyal to his country. But after that, the show is just out of control. He has a daughter
named Hayley that is completely defiant and rebellious. Steve is the geeky son who has
no moral values whatsoever.

Toddlers and Tiaras- This show does nothing but show mothers who dress up
their very young daughters in revealing outfits and more makeup than Bozo the clown.
In one episode, there was mom who dressed her three year old daughter as a prostitute.

What is wrong with mothers today? That is teaching our daughters that dressing
provocatively is okay.

Jersey Shore- Jersey Shore is the worst show on TV these days. The show is
about a handful of young adults living in one house. Each episode is nothing more than
the young adults getting into a physical altercation, sleeping with different people or
drinking heavily. We certainly do not want our kids to think that that sort of behavior is

Bridezillas- Bridezillas is a show that showcases two different brides as they
make final preparations for their wedding day. Oh but these are not your everyday
brides. These are brides from hell. They are spoiled rotten brats who are rude to
everyone and anyone. Sure it has high viewer rankings on the WE Network but what is
this show teaching our teenage girls? That we can be bratty and self-centered and that
we have to get our way all the time? This is giving our girls a bad impression. The real
meaning of the wedding gets totally lost in this show.

Sons of Anarchy- Young children definitely should not be watching Sons of Anarchy. It is a great shiw for adults to watch but there is an excess of sex, vulgar language, graphic situations, and everything else you do not want your children to be seeing.

Each week People across the World tune into the outlaw biker television show but it is not ahow you even want the kids to overhear. It is much better if you save it to your digital video recorder and watch it when the kids are asleep in their bedroom.

I am sure there are more TV shows that I did not mention that are not acceptable
for children but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. We as parents
need to be aware of what our kids watch. There are some really good shows on TV for
kids to watch such as Dora the Explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, Oswald, WordGirl, Wonder
Pets, American Idol and Wizards of Waverly Place. Although television shows may be marketed towards children, you as the parent should review the show by watching it first so you will be able to tell if it is safe for your children to watch or not.  It is up to you as the parent to make the moral judgment as to what your children can watch. If you do not feel a show is appropriate then you also need to ensure that your children are not wacthign the show at their friends house.