There is no doubt that watching TV is an enjoyable thing to do. The time you spend in front of the TV is for relaxing whether alone or with your family and you can enjoy some of the best programs after a long and hard day at work. But don't you hate it when you have to flip through channel after channel until you finally find something worth watching? There is a better way to be spending your time in front of the TV. A TV guide will actually help you a lot finding out what you want to watch fast and easy.

TV guides can be found online. If you have an internet connection then you can easily go online and search for a good TV guide to help you choose exactly what you want to watch. The internet is a very convenient and quick method to gain access to a lot of different TV guides, which can all help you make your time in front of the TV worthwhile.

TV guides are also available as magazines. The easiest thing you can do is to buy a TV guide on your way home from work, and take 5 minutes when you are already home to check if your favorite shows are on or not, and what time they will be on. This is a perfect way to see the program for the rest of the week, so you never have to miss a movie or a show again.

Actually the best way to gain access to a TV guide is while you are watching TV. You might have noticed that there is a little button with a sign "EPG" on your remote control. If you have never pressed it and you are wondering what it is for, why not go ahead and see for yourself.

This little button will show you the program for a certain channel for the whole week and it could be your own personal TV guide while watching television. This is one of the easiest ways to see what shows and movies will be on as well as the exact time.

While looking through the TV guide, you should also be able to keep an eye on whatever you are watching at the moment. There will be a little square, usually on the upper right corner of the TV where you can keep watching the program that is on while browsing though the TV guide at the same time.

This type of TV guide was launched in 1981 and it is sold to most of the cable or satellite TV providers. Chances are that if you are getting cable or satellite television, you will have access to this amazing feature anytime you want. And another advantage is that you will be able to see the name of the movie or TV show you are currently watching.

TV guide is in many ways a helpful tool which every TV maniac should take advantage of. Whether you check the TV guide (the Danish call it TVGuide) on your TV, online or in a magazine, you can't deny that the TV guide is a convenient way of avoiding spending hours flipping through channel after channel.