Entertainment System

Computer entertainment systems are easy to set up and require very little hardware to implement. It is possible to watch television on your computer using several websites and an internet connection. It is possible to link your PC to your big screen TV using DVI or VGA cables with an audio cable. Some PC video cards also have an HDMI slot that can be linked to your TV HDMI port for better quality. Nearly all current HD TV's have both an audio-in line that you can connect to the audio port of your computer and a VGA or DVI connection to connect your screen. The active screen can be altered in the properties menu on the PC and the TV will have an option to switch to PC input in the main menu. There are many TV remotes that can also be set up to work with your computer and will allow you to control your programs from the comfort of your sofa. Once your entertainment system is set up you can enjoy the myriad of TV programs that are available on the internet.


Hulu is one of the best websites that allows users to view network television directly from their PC. Hulu offers programming from NBC, Fox, ABC, and many others. It is possible to view movies, TV episodes, documentaries and many other programs. The site is funded by commercials and advertisements along with several sponsored organizations. There is also a paid subscrition service for customers that offer additional programs for a $10 dollar a month fee as of 2011. The programs are offered in high quality flash formatting that most recent computers can deliver with ease. Nearly all programs are archived to allow users to view programming at anytime, provided they have a sufficient internet connection. Most programs can be viewed with little interruption on a basic cable internet line, but some internet connection may require that the user reduce the quality in order to view the programs without buffering. The content that is provided on the site is updated regularly to reflect the networks new episodes and users can watch scheduled television shows as soon as they are release on the networks.

TV Software and Streaming Boxes

There are many software packages that allow PC users to connect their PC's to thousands of channels and grant access to many popular TV stations. TV software can grant access to web channels and online content in addition to normal channels. These software packages are reasonably priced and offer an alternative to an expensive monthly cable bill. Roku, Apple TV, Google TV and Western Digital TV Hub offer packages and boxes at different price points.