Tabac are cosmetic products designed and created by Maurer & Wirtz. Tabac after shave balm for men is a European produced cosmetic product. Tabac after shaves are known for their pleasant scents and use high quality ingredients. The company is located in Germany, but sells fragrances throughout the world. They got numerous of colognes, after shaves, wet razors, soaps and other fragrant cosmetics that provide a floral fragrance. Tabac products are a little expensive, but they're some of the finder shaving products for men out on the market.

It's recommended to use an aftershave balm or lotion to soothe the skin from shaving. You want to protect the skin from inflammation, skin burns, and nicks that can come from shaving. Shaving without using aftershave can provide discomfort. A good aftershave can be used as a cologne to endure a pleasant scent. Tabac after shave products for men can protect the skin, while providing comfort and a pleasant smelling scent for women.

Original Tabac After Shave Fragrance Scents

Tabac after shave for men is one of the most popular shaving products worldwide. The after shave balm for men contains a lavender, citrus, and warm floral scent. Tabac after shave is designed for all skin types. Lavender is very soothing for the skin and won't cause irritation, skin burns, and will prevent skin breakouts. The fragrances in Tabac after shaves are very pleasing for women. Tabac after shaves can be worn as a cologne and can also be used to protect the skin. The original Tabac after shave fragrances shouldn't cause allergens, or easily irritate the skin. The original tabac after shave for men scent lasts for about 6 to 10 hours. The scent isn't too strong, and leaves just enough of a scent to be noticed. The key ingredient used in Tabac after shaves is lavender. Lavender is anti-inflammatory and helps to keep the skin protected. It can naturally heal the skin from cuts, nicks, and razor burns.

Other Tabac After Shave for Men Products to buy

Tabac Man - Tabac man is a newer version of after shave for men. Key fragrances include orange, lavender, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, nutmeg, cardamom, geranium, vetiver, coriander, bergamot, and mint. Ingredients and fragrances applied to the face provide a cool, fresh, and desirable smell for men. All men can use the Tabac Man after shave products. It doesn't irritate the skin or cause skin allergens. It's a vaporizing spraying after shave.

Tabac Man Silver - The Tabac Man Silver is a brand new fragrant after shave for men. It provides a cool and fresh smelling scent for men just like the other Tabac after shaves. Some of the fragrances included are lavender, bourbon, sandalwood, musk, carrot seed, grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin, ginger, nutmeg, patchouli, and vetiver. The Tabac Man Silver just like the original Tabac Man after shave is a vaporizing spray.

Where to buy Tabac After Shave Balm for Men

You can buy the original Tabac after shave balm for men at amazon,,,, and The prices are a bit high and will cost $20-$30 dollars online.