Table Topics Conversation Cards Family Edition is a Fantastic Gift to Give

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Sitting down together as a family can be a challenge. Many parents working full-time, children involved with multiple activities and practices, and technology dominating our lives,  have made a dramatic difference in how families spend time together.

Several studies have shown that families that sit down together for dinner have children who perform better academically, are less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol, and learn social skills such as table manners.

Even if you do not manage to eat dinner as a family often, it is important to make the time you are gathered together special. Asking questions that require more than the monosyllabic answers "yes" and "no" opens up the door to conversations that are both meaningful and hilarious. Talking about positive things will create happy memories about dinner time and have everyone looking forward to your next meal together.

Table Topics Family Edition is part of the Table Topics series. Created for families with children of all ages, this stack of cards will help bring you all closer together and make family dinner a more pleasant time for all.

What Exactly is Table Topics Family Edition?


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The Family Edition of Table Topics comes with 135 cards inside a 4 inch protective acrylic cube. The size makes it portable and easy to store in your kitchen, in your handbag or in your glove compartment. The acrylic keeps the cards safe from bending or water damage.

Because the work of thinking of conversation topics is already done for you, the most challenging part is deciding which card to draw from the pile. You can take turns each night deciding who picks the card to read aloud.

For Large Family Gatherings

TABLETOPICS Family Gathering: Questions to Start Great Conversations
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This version of the game was made for the times when multiple generations who may not see each other often gather together. Cousins, grandparents,aunts and uncles can laugh and share stories that tie them together.

By sharing past experiences, you may find out some things you otherwise might not have know.

Another Benefit to Playing This Game

Sometimes it is hard for family members to communicate in person, especially if they do not see each other often. Having these cards is one way to break the ice and get to know each other a little better. They can even continue to play this game over the phone after the visit is over.

Have you ever waited a bit too long at a restaurant with your kids and they start to whine that they are hungry? Having this in your bag can help you all get you through the extra wait time.

Are you kids fighting in the back seat during a long car ride? Break it up not with threats, but with a few of these cards.

Table Topics Family Edition is the perfect gift for families who seem to have everything. One size fits all!

For Parents With Teens

TABLETOPICS Teen: Questions to Start Great Conversations
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They grace you with their presence. They eat as fast as they can so they can get back to their phones and computers. In just a few short years, they will be off to college, and whether or not they realize it, your teen will miss you.

Engage your teens in meaningful conversations that will help keep them at the table longer by using Teen table Topics. The questions are things they will want to talk about!

Teens will also want to use this cube of questions for sleepovers and youth group events. They are great ice breakers!