Nowadays, we see that a new tablet is introduced in the market every week. The availability of various tablets makes it quite difficult to do a tablet comparison. Now, Toshiba has introduced their tablet called the Toshiba Thrive. Will this tablet remain in this competitive market? Many tablet fans are seeking a Toshiba Thrive review to find out if the tablet is the perfect choice for their needs. 

 The Thrive is an attractive and durable tablet built in a stylish design. The tablet back has rubber coating which makes it easy and convenient to hold. The user can detach the rubber grip and changed it into attractive lilac, pink, silver, green or blue color. In addition to this, the Thrive also comes with a front facing 2 Mega Pixel camera to enable video chatting. 

The removable battery of the Thrive offers an edge over the apple iPad 2. When the battery needs to be replaced, there is no need for the user to carry the Thrive tablet for repair. The tablet’s battery last for about 7 hours similar to other tablets computers. The Thrive has a display of 10.1" while the display of the iPad 2 is only 9.7". The weight of the Thrive is 1.69 lbs while the weight of the iPad 2 is 1.33 pounds. In this respect, the Thrive outweighs the iPad 2. Both of them feature dual core processors. 

The memory of the tablets is flashed based and the Thrive can be found in 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB versions. The use of SD cards can help to expand its memory. If the user needs more storage, he can use SDXC cards which are supported by the Thrive. The HDMI and USB ports help in connecting various devices without any adapters. It is beneficial to have an SDXC slot to increase storage. Moreover, the availability of SD card slot enables the user to view pictures from a digital camera without a USB connection. 

The removable battery is very helpful which ensures that it never runs out of power. This also saves money as the user doesn’t have to take the tablet to the shop for replacing the battery. Depending upon the preferences, some users prefer lightweight tablets while others choose larger screens. Toshiba has enabled users to conduct a tablet comparison by introducing top quality durable tablet which is definite to survive in competition with other tablets currently in the market.