You don't need to go big to celebrate the holidays in style. In fact tabletop Christmas trees pack a mighty large amount of holiday cheer, and yet they can easily fit on most raised surfaces in your home - whether that's a table, mantel, or desk. And, following suit, their prices aren't big either! Below you'll get some great Christmas decorating ideas with these mini Christmas trees, see a few popular examples, and learn about their prices in stores.

Tabletop Christmas Trees: Holiday Cheer In Miniature

Vickerman 27661 - 24 x 14 Frosted Pine Berry 35 Clear Lights Christmas Tree (J120125)As much as everyone loves a majestic eight foot Christmas tree, some spaces just won't work well with one or even allow it. But it's still nice to have a touch of evergreen in the home during the season - whether it's as the main holiday tree or as decorative accent pieces throughout the home. For this, tabletop Christmas trees sure do fit the bill.

This style of Christmas tree is named very appropriately. They're created (or grown) to fit on the tables, mantels, desks, sideboards, and really any other raised surface around your home. You'll find them as small as eighteen inches in height (sometimes called mini tabletop Christmas trees) and as large as four feet, with narrow enough profiles to accommodate sitting on tabletops. They all make for some pretty portable Christmas trees, giving them some distinctive advantages over other varieties. 


Perfect For Apartment Dwellers, Small Rooms, And Office Spaces

Worcester Christmas Wreath Classic Large Pre-Lit Tabletop Christmas TreeIf you are having that issue of how to get a Christmas tree to work in your tiny space, a tabletop Christmas tree at the higher end of the height range is a great solution for you. Those in apartments (or who have small living rooms) can find a lot of holiday enjoyment from a four-foot tree. In fact, you'll be surprised at how much Christmas tree decorating you can still do with a tree that size, including flocking and fairy lights! You don't give up any floor space that isn't already being used, and you'll still enjoy the holiday vibe only a Christmas tree can bring to a home.

For work spaces, a mini tabletop Christmas tree is a really smart choice. A two-foot tree lets you easily deck your office without taking up much room at all. One of these trees can sit on the corner of your desk, on a bookshelf, or on top of a filing cabinet. You could even bring one in for the coffee station to add a little festiveness to the common spaces.

Good Tidings 43601 Table Piece Fiber Optic Tree with Balls Star Topper 140 Snow Tips, 36-InchQuick Christmas Decorating

Many artificial tabletop Christmas trees come pre-lit and/or pre-decorated, so they are super fast to put up. When you add this to their portability, you've got some great Christmas accent decorations that can live just about anywhere in a pinch. This really opens up the possibilities, especially for the mini versions. Here are a few holiday decorating ideas using tabletop Christmas trees to help jumpstart your imagination:

  • On a sideboard table in your foyer (a great welcoming sight for guests to get them in the holiday mood)
  • In your game room or den (it's a great way to tie together a Christmas look around your home)
  • On window sills or on tables near windows around your home (they become great window Christmas decorations)
  • As focal pieces for short-term holiday parties (like school or office parties that will last no more than an hour or two)
  • As accent trees in the same room as your main Christmas tree (a great way to tie together a larger room)

36 X 18 Flocked Angel Pine 529tTabletop Christmas Tree Prices

Perhaps best of all is the pricing for many of these trees. You'll find undecorated mini varieties for as little as $20 to $30. And even a larger decorated version typically can be purchased for no more than $70 to $90. The price is definitely a good deal, especially when you factor in being able to use these trees for many years to come.

There's a lot you can do with tabletop Christmas trees. So much, in fact, that having a few handy during the season is a major holiday decorating help. Their portability and low profile makes these trees some of the more versatile Christmas decorations you can buy. They really open up a world of possibilities both in and out of your home.