Tabletop Zen Water Fountain

When we think of decorating our homes, loads of things generally come to mind. We want to add something to our décor that is unique and eye-appealing. One of the things that have become quite popular are tabletop fountains.

Tabletop water fountains are visually stunning as focal pieces, whether they are large or small.  They almost always have stones and some amount of height over which a slow but steady stream of water bubbles and flows, making a soothing, natural sound. Their beauty and simplicity bring a little bit of the outdoors inside, reminding individuals of warmer, sunnier days.

Various types of fountains are available in the marketplace. They have been classified into various categories based on the type of material used in production:

  • Ceramic tabletop fountains: These are one of the least expensive forms of tabletop fountains, ranging in price from $30 to $200.
  • Copper tabletop fountains: These table top water features are very expensive and have an elegant design that adds beauty to the surroundings. Generally they range in price from $500 to $5,000 and above depending upon their size.
  • Bamboo tabletop fountains: These are the Japanese fountains that are widely used for their spiritual and aesthetic look. These are generally found in Buddhist monasteries, because monks believe that the bamboo fountain purifies the soul of an individual. The price ranges from $80 to $500 and above depending upon the size.
  • Desk fountains: These fountains are generally made up of wood, glass or metal. They range in price from $40 to $500 and above and can be great simple pieces to spruce up an office or living room for only a small investment.

Misting Tabletop Fountain BowlAdvantages of Including a Tabletop Water Feature In Your Home Or At Your Office:

  • Flowing water adds moisture in the air and brings peace and serenity to the environment.
  • Tabletop water fountains help in removing cold contaminants and also aid in removing dry skin problems.
  • A well-designed unit acts as an effective noise filter that helps in cancelling disturbances around the peripherals of the desk.
  • Small tabletop fountains; according to the Feng Shui principle, bring positive energy in your life with the auspicious element of flowing water.
  • They tend to make perfect gifts for any occasion.

There are certain maintenance needs to consider when purchasing a tabletop water fountain:

  • The base of these should be cleaned weekly as they can really start getting mucky if left unloved.
  • The water in the basin should be maintained at a minimum level to preserve the longevity of the pump.
  • Always have an electrician and plumber check annually the performance level of any large installed fountains for safety.
  • These are general maintenance activities which should be carried out so sustain the long life of your fountain.

Where To Buy a Tabletop Fountain:

Nature Bowl Tabletop FountainThe smaller units can be purchased from your nearby Wal-Mart store, Amazon, Home Depot or just about any other Big Box store in your home town. If one is not present nearby or you just like shopping with smaller retailers, you can search the internet for discounted table top fountains from mom and pop online shops. You can easily get one at a price much less than its original price.

Always check the specifications of the product that you are purchasing online and always check the warranty limitations. Having a warranty certainly helps in case the tabletop fountain does not perform correctly.  If you want to search for something a little less common then you might want to start looking online at specialty stores like,, or just to name a few.