Conflict Resolution

mineral producing communities

Conflict is a situation in which people, groups or countries are involved in a serious disagreement or argument, a conflict between two cultures. A conflict between two countries. But I will focus on conflict between companies and their host communities...

Resolution on the other hand is the act of solving or settling a problem, dispute etc.

 What prevail in these mineral producing communities is virtual darkness or at best epileptic power supply, and lack of clean hygienic drinkable water. And most host communities are poverty stinken environment where the indigenes watch helpless by the zealous exploitation of their environment in search of crude oil, gas and other mineral resources. Crisis in these environments is further heightened by the absence of any form of livelihood for the people who might be farmers, fishermen and craftsmen.

These oil and mineral producing communities are marked by exploration, exploitation and environmental degradation, lost of vast expansion of limited land to oil wells and extensive pipeline network, absence of infrastructures that befit the environment when viewed against its enormous wealth. Thus these prompt youth aggressiveness in the mineral regions.

Poverty and lack of opportunities has constantly assaulted the mental frame of the people to see conflict as a way of life on one hand and viewed all processes geared at developing their communities with deep seated negative suspicion of the companies operating in their environment.  The security consciousness around the areas has heightened the insecurity concerns and has made it impossible to realize the economic development potentials of the people

Studies show that civil wars are more likely to occur in countries with bad government stagnant economy and lots of valuable minerals. Tyranny gives people cause to rebel. Poverty makes rebels and mob gang an attractive career options. Mineral wealth makes power lucrative to those whole seize it.

This effect of conflict in communities, towns, cities can be traced to unemployment, frustration, social inequality, poverty, illiteracy, poor living condition, insecurity structural and endemic instability. The issues of conflict are a response to the endemic poverty. Conflict is evil creations that are cause by the web of poverty. It has circumvented the psychic and mental frame mind of the inhabitant. The circle of conflicts breeds food on it's inhabitant's and promotes poverty.

 The government and other stakeholders should intensify effect at ameliorating the effect of conflict on the people of mineral producing areas by providing jobs opportunities to the people and also by opening up other economic opportunities and better welfare packages to the people of the mineral producing areas and also the people of these mineral producing regions should be fully involved in the negotiations and management of their God given resources. This will no doubt stop or reduces the violence’s, insecurities in these regions.

The role of communication in the management of this identified effect is very significant in ensuring proper enlightens both in the parts of the people, the companies and the Government in general. The government and companies operating these communities should play an active involvement in the masses welfare process. The common denomination to all these suggested ways is the need to share commitment between all parties that are involved.