Want to work at Taco Bell? All you need to apply is your trusty internet connection, because the Mexican food retailer handles its employment applications online, which means you don't need to drive down to your local restaurant or worry about your penmanship - at least not until you're hired.

In today's economy, we all need extra money. That's what makes Taco Bell and other fast food restaurants so alluring. They usually are willing to hire people without any previous experience, and then train them in the ways of the 'Bell. And if you do have previous food industry experience, you might find yourself an immediate candidate for a management position - be it a shift leader, assistant manager or even store manager. All told, that makes Taco Bell a great place to find work - be it a full time job or simply supplemental income.

When you're ready to start the application process, simply visit www.TacoBell.com/careers and start the employment application. It even offers opportunities to apply for corporate careers.

Things You'll Need To Fill Out Your Taco Bell Employment Application Online

Before going through the online application process, it's a good idea to have a couple of things handy. This will make filling out the application go much smoother. Keep these in mind when you get ready to apply:

  • Your References. Like any job, you'll need a couple of good references to impress the hiring managers. Try to find three to five people who can vouch for your character but aren't related to you. Some examples could be: Previous bosses, teachers, coaches or community leaders.
  • Your Resume. Though you can't "Show it" to the computer, it will come in handy when the application asks for specifics regarding your previous work history. If this is your first job, you probably won't have a work resume, but it's still important to know "resume things" like education, professional associations and the like.
  • A Printer. I personally like to print off the "complete" page any time I finish conducting any business online, mostly for my own personal records. This isn't required by any means, just a suggestion - which is why I listed it last.

Positions Available At Taco Bell

Taco Bell categorizes its positions as such:

  • Team Member: This is where most people start their Taco Bell careers. It's the "foot in the door" opportunity to make money and learn new skills. As you build experience, you'll become eligible for promotions.
  • Shift Lead: The first step up the Taco Bell ladder, a shift lead incurs more responsibilities than a team member, both in staff management and quality assurance.
  • Assistant Manager: You'll assist the regional general manager, or "RGM," (see below for more information) in the day-to-day tasks of operating a Taco Bell. Be ready for on-the-fly problem solving and people skills.
  • Restaurant General Manager (RGM): Not only are you in charge of your staff and the food that comes out of the kitchen, you're also responsible for budgets, scheduling and keeping the restaurant profitable. It's a heavy responsibility, and the company rewards those who are up for the challenge.

What To Expect When You Fill Out A Taco Bell Application Online

The process is very straight forward, with no major confusion points along the way. Simply answer the questions on each page, then go to the next one. Nothing confusing about it at all.

When you first fire up the online application, you'll be asked to enter your zip code. This is so the company can match you up with the closest Taco Bells to your home. It's a very handy tool, and helps minimize the likelihood that a manager from a far-off land asks you to come in for an interview.

Taco Bells are located through the United States, so there's a good chance there's one near you. Then again, if you're reading this, you probably already know this - you wouldn't be interested in working at a place you've never heard of!

You Scored A Taco Bell Job Interview, Now What?

If a local Taco Bell manager likes your application, he or she will probably want you to come in for a face-to-face interview. This is great news - but it can seem really scary. But there's no need to worry, just keep these tips in mind:

  • Dress Nice. You don't have to wear a tuxedo or a formal evening gown, but you should make an effort to wear some nice clothes. Slacks, a button-up shirt and some dress shoes are always safe bets, and a tie is always a nice touch. If you're applying for a management or corporate position, you'll probably want to up the ante and wear a suit and tie.
  • Be Early. You want to make an impression on the person interviewing you that you're reliable. Showing up in a rush - or worse yet, late - is an automatic turn off. Figure out how long it takes to get to the location you're interviewing, then give yourself an extra 15 minutes to account for anything that might pop up, such as traffic or other emergencies.
  • Turn Your Phone Off. It's just good manners. And it shows that you're serious about the interview. Don't just switch it to "vibrate," as it's still audible - completely off is best.
  • Be Courteous: Shake the manager's hand when you first meet him or her, say "please" and "thank you" when appropriate and at the end of the interview, thank them for the opportunity.
  • Be Confident. Easier said than done, right? Simple things like sitting and standing up straight, looking the interviewer in the eye, a firm handshake, and a note pad for notes go a long way in any manager's eyes.

Ready To Apply To Taco Bell?

Now that you've made it this far, it's safe to assume you're ready for to fill out the application. Good luck, and go get 'em!

When you're ready, head on over to www.TacoBell.com/careers and begin the Taco Bell Employment Application Online.