Taco Circulator pumps Repair Or Replace?

Taco Circulator pumps Repair Or Replace? This is an article that was written for the average homeowner who has to make the decision whether to replace a faulty Taco pump or repair it.

Taco Circulator pumps are used primarily to move heated water through the piping system of a hot water heating system. They are intended to be used in a pressurized closed system and cannot pump air. If air is introduced to the system, then the pump will get an air lock and the heat will fail to be delivered to it's targeted area.

When a pump fails, the first thing to do is to find out what caused the failure. As stated earlier air locked pumps cannot circulate the water. If no circulation is present then one of two things has occurred. Either the system has air locked or the pump has actually failed.

When a pump locks up mechanically it will get very hot. Hot enough to burn human skin so use caution when checking for this condition. A seized pump is usually caused by deterioration inside the pump. The impeller which actually turns inside can be melted or something may have gotten in there to jam it.

Isolating the pump from the rest of the system can usually be done by turning two ball valves off. One valve should be above the pump and one below. Some systems are built cheap and may be lacking these valves. This means we will have to drain the whole system to perform this repair.

Once the water is out of the pipe that the pump is installed in, we can remove the pump housing that covers the motor easily by undoing the four bolts that are holding the pump motor cover to the pump body. There will be a wire connected and for now this can be left intact.

Slide the motor assembly out of it's housing and replace with a new assembly. Reassemble the housing and open the valves and you should be back in business.

If you would rather change the whole pump, then there are two flanges that hold the entire pump in the piping. Remove the four bolts and the pump will come out in it's entirety. Now install two new gaskets and the new pump. Re bolt it to the two flanges and turn on the valves to check for leaks.

Replacing the entire pump is not that much harder to do then changing the motor. Some people will get a better feeling in their gut if they have a whole new pump and the cost is minimal so doing this complete replacement sometimes can be well worth it the first time.

Mostcirculatorstoday are small and compact. If there is some age to your hot water heating system, or if it is a very large system then you may have an older type of pump like the one pictured below. This kind of pump also has a coupler that can leak and that assembly is also available for replacing the one you have when it goes bad. There is a seal in this coupler and they are known to be a weak link in the pump. Larger Circulator Pump

Changing the coupler and the seal can save the pump for many more years of service. Some systems will be noisy when this coupling is on it's way out and paying attention to this noise can save a no heat situation and maybe a very expensive call to the serviceman.

Every homeowner should periodically check this apparatus to make sure there is no excessive noise coming from the pump and that there are no leaks present. Taking this little precaution once a month or so during heating season can save you from a cold night waiting for a repairman.

When it comes down to the question of Taco Circulator pumps Repair Or Replace? One should always go with the choice that fits there particular circumstances. If the motor is not working and there are no obvious leaks in the pump, then repairing the pump makes sense. If there are other issues and the body shows evidence that it is old and has corrosion from previous leaks then the entire pump should be changed.

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