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Taco Circulators Workhorse Of The Hot Water Heating System

Taco Circulators Workhorse Of The Hot Water Heating System, is an article that will explain how a Taco circulator operates within a hot water heating system. Next to the boiler, this is the most important and also the hardest working part of any hydronic system.

Circulator pumps are installed in line, one per zone. They are used for creating the circulation needed to bring the hot water from the boiler to the radiation within a room. The radiation then converts the heat from the hot water to the air in the room using the convection process.

If you have a single zone system ( one thermostat ) then you will have one circulator pump. Some systems known as multi zone systems, will have a circulator pump for each zone and some will have one pump for all zones and zone valves that control where the water flows. A system of this type asks a lot from one pump. Circulating all water to all zones this circulator truly is a workhorse.

This is the 007

So popular "James Bond" probably has a few

Taco 007-F5 Cast Iron Circulator Pump, 1/25 HP
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Perfectly sized for most residential heating zones the 007 Taco circulator pump will offer years of dependable service.

No Leaks Allowed

And why this matters so much

Taco Circulators Workhorse Of The Hot Water Heating System

Keeping your circulator pumps free of any leaks is a very important thing due to the fact that any leaks will cause a constant stream of make up water to be added to the system from the water supply. This also adds many corrosives and minerals that will deteriorate the piping system and the boiler at a much faster rate then normal because normally these corrosive minerals settle to the bottom of the boiler and do no damage. Adding them continuously because of a leak can rot out a brand new boiler within 6 months.

Common areas to look for leaks will be around the flanges that hold the circulators in these have gaskets in them that are prone to deterioration and often fail and cause leaks. There is an article here , that will help you to fix any leaking circulators you may have in your system.

A Heavy Duty Model

For long zones and large domestic hot water systems

Taco 0011-F4 1/8-HP Cast Iron Cartridge Circulating Pump
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If you need to move a little more water for the zone your setting up, this 0011 Taco pump may be just the ticket. With higher velocity it's also a great fix for higher lift requirements on multi story buildings.

A few More Things about Circulator Pumps

Circulators are directional and must be installed in the proper direction. There is an arrow on the housing of the pump and this must correspond with the direction of flow your system is piped for.

Circulators usually last from 5 to 10 years unless leaks are left unprepared and then the lifespan can be reduced to several months so you can see how important fixing any leaks can be.

Circulator pumps are manufactured by many companies. Taco circulator pumps have been the industry standard for many years and they are by far the leading innovators in this area.

New pump types with adjustable speeds and more thrust, are constantly being upgraded for better performance and longer lifespan.

Take the time to check your boiler room at least once a month and remember if you would like to get the most you can in the way of longevity from your heating system, then you must fix any leaks immediately.

This article "Taco Circulators Workhorse Of The Hot Water Heating System", has hopefully given you a little better understanding of the equipment that is bringing the heat from that remote boiler, to the areas you live in.