Dog Breed Information: Chihuahua Fox Terrier

Taco Terriers are active and lively little dogs, not to mention very cute. This is what we call a designer dog, which means that it is a crossbreed between two different purebred dogs.

What is a Taco Terrier?

A Taco Terrier is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Toy Fox Terrier (also sometimes known as an American Toy Terrier or Amertoy). Your puppy could be the offspring of two other Taco Terriers, or he may be the product of one Chihuahua parent and one Toy Fox Terrier parent, depending on the breeder that you choose.

What Do I Need to Know About Designer Dogs?

There is one important consideration when buying a designer dog: it is very difficult to predict their future characteristics and personality. With purebred dogs this is easy, since they have been bred over many generations to strict standards. Designer dogs will inherit different amounts of each characteristic from each parent though, making things more difficult. We can only make generalisations about designer dogs based on what we know about their parents characterstics.

How Big Will My Pup Grow?

Both parent breeds are small dogs. A Chihuahua usually grows to around eight inches in height and weigh only between about 2 and 6 pounds. Toy Fox Terriers are a little bigger and grow to about ten inches tall and between 3.5 and 7 pounds. Males are obviously bigger than females in both these breeds.

Given that there is not much difference in size and weight between both parent breeds, your puppy will certainly grow into a small dog. We often refer to these breeds as 'Teacup' size.

What is a Taco Terrier's Coat Like?

Both Chihuahuas and Toy Fox Terriers are short haired dogs, with smooth, straight coats. This means that a Taco Terrier is also always a short haired breed, and your puppy's coat will also be smooth and straight.

Are There Any Coat Concerns With this Cross Breed?

The good news is that short haired dogs are generally very low maintenance. You will not need to cut or style your dog's coat, and shouldn't need to visit a groomer. You probably won't even need to brush your dog, unless he happens to like it. The most you will need to do is to shampoo your Taco Terrier's coat during bath time. The bad news is that these dogs can often suffer during cold temperatures, and you may need to get your puppy a sweater or coat if you live in a cold climate. Taco Terriers do not shed very much.

What Will My Pup's Temperament Be Like?

Chihuahuas are known for being very friendly dogs, they're brave and can be quite strong willed for such a small breed. The other parent breed is also known to be very affectionate, they are lively and active dogs and very curious. Your Taco Terrier is likely to be loving and active, but he might also be quite independent.

How Much Exercise Will My Pet Need?

A Taco Terrier is a very small breed of dog, which means he needs little exercise, despite being active and lively. A short walk once or twice a day should be fine, though running in the garden or park is always a good idea too.

Are There Any Health Concerns for these Dogs?

Chihuahuas are not known for being healthy dogs, they tend to have eye problems, rheumatism and breathing problems. Fortunately Toy Fox Terriers are very healthy indeed, though some have a propensity towards bone degenerative diseases. As a crossbreed your Taco Terrier will be far healthier than a purebred animal, however, though you should keep an eye out for the above conditions.

How Do I Know this Designer Breed is Right for Me?

Taco Terriers are small, affectionate dogs that don't require a lot of exercise, which means they're good pets for most people, even those who live in apartments. If you're wondering if this is the right breed for you, then visiting a local breeder might be a good idea. You can also sign up for online forums for owners  of similar pets, which should give you a good idea of other people's experience with the breed.