Taco turtles are easy to make and taste great. As with many of my favorite recipes, you can alter the recipe as you desire. This is how I make my Taco Turtles.

Ingredients Needed

  • Refrigerated Pre-made Biscuit Dough
  • Ground Beef
  • Taco Seasoning
  • Corn
  • Onions
  • Green Peppers
  • Cheese

Start making your taco turtles by cooking up the ground beef. After the beef is cooked add the taco seasoning and stir it up. Add the corn, onions, green peppers, and any pother ingredients you may want in your meat mixture.

Open up a roll of biscuits. Take a cooking tray and spray it with non stick cooking oil. Take 1 biscuit and smash it flat. Stretch it out a tiny bit and then flatten it again. On the top of flatten biscuit you can scoop on you meat mixture. Place the meat mixture in the center of the biscuit. Feel free to overload it.

You now take another uncooked biscuit roll, and stretch and smash it flat also. Now take the second biscuit you just flattened and place it on top of the other biscuit on which you place the meat mixture. Now you will crimp and squeeze the edges of the top and bottom biscuit together, sealing the meat mixture inside the biscuits.

Repeat for as many as you want to make. They are called Taco Turtles because when you crimp the two edges together they look similar to turtle shells.

After you have made all of your taco turtles you can place them all on your cooking tray which has been sprayed with a non stick cooking oil spray such as "Pam". Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and then stick your tray in the oven. The Taco Turtles will cook fast. When the taco turtle shells are slightly light brown, go ahead and remove them from the oven.

You can now eat and enjoy your taco turtles. Sometimes we will sprinkle some shredded cheese over the biscuits before we place them in the oven to cook.

Taco Turtles are a very simple meal to make. Kids and adults tend to love eating Taco Turtles. You can vary the recipe as you desire. Instead of using taco seasoning you could use some mashed potatoes mixed in with the beef and pour some gravy over the taco turtles to have more of a county style meal.

Taco Turtles are very filling, easy to make, and cheap to make. If your family is on a budget you may come to rely on the recipe heavily. Even if your family is not on a budget this is sure to become a classic staple at dinner time in many families.

The Texas Size refrigerated biscuit rolls tend to work better than the regular sized biscuits as you can fit more of the meat mixture into the Texas Sized rolls. The small rolls will work just fine. Make sure that you only use the refrigerated biscuit rolls and not frozen biscuits.

Taco Turtles are simple to make yet taste very delicious.