Tacx i-Magic Fortius Virtual Reality Gel Trainer

Of all the virtual reality bike trainers, the Tacx Fortius is the most realistic in that it most closely ressembles a real bike riding experience that you would have outdoors.

The Tacx Fortius has something called a 'motor brake' which maintains the momentum you would have normally as you ride a bike. So if you're riding 'downhill' on this virtual reality bike trainer, you can rest a little more just as you would when actually riding down hill or in a draft. That's a great detail and sense of quality you can expect from Tacx bikes. In fact, the Tacx trainer series uses various brake systems: motor brake, magnetic brake, fan brake and electric bike for an accurate and powerful braking experience.

tacx fortius virtual reality bicycle trainer

The Tacx virtual reality trainers work with your PC, which increases your motivation and endurance considerably. You can see a race displayed on your PC (different movies and virtual reality games are available) but more than that, your Tacx Fortius trainer transmits the effects of the environment in the movie onto your bike. So if you're going uphill you will feel a gradient change in your rear wheel and if you're going downhill, you'll feel it getting easier for you. You will feel bumps, air resistance, the difference between loose sand or wet grass and other real world situations. There are three types of Tacx Virtual Reality Trainers: the Fortius Multiplayer, The Fortius and the i-Magic. The Fortius Multiplayer T1930 is the most advanced trainer with a powerful engine break and manoeuvrable virtual reality steering frame. And get this, you receive a one-year license to race with multiplayers on the web. How's that for motivation!

The Fortius T1940 is the same but without the manoeuvrable virtual reality steering frame and the 12 month multiplayer license. Of course, if you buy the Fortius T1940, you can always purchase the steering frame and multiplayer web license later if you choose.

The I-Magic has an electromagnetic brake system so it's not quite the same braking effect as the Fortius and the Fortius Multiplayer.

Tacx bikes are shipped online at Amazon by the Niagara Cycle works company who have received 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon from an incredible 15,284 ratings. That tells you everything you need to know about this distinguished family owned and operated bicycle shop based in the beautiful Niagara Falls, NY area. They have selling bikes online since 1999 and provide very clear instructions on assembly. They are known for their fast and efficient shipping and customer service, a range of products for the whole family, and at decent prices too.

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