Driving at night can be a white knuckle experience for people who are susceptible to glare from lights.  Tag Heuer night driving glasses are of the highest quality and get rid of or greatly reduce that halo or glare that you tend to get from other cars, lights, signs and more.

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TAG Heuer Wide Night Vision 5202-099 Sunglasses

Driving in the city at night can be a scary prospect.  I know personally there are so many lights on signs as well as cars, that it can be hard to see that person trying to jay walk across the road when the traffic lulls.  You end up straining your eyes just to focus on things you can normally see during the day.

By using good quality glasses to drive at night, you get the same effect that day time sunglasses give.  You get rid of the glare and with the yellow lens it changes the quality of the light so that you can now see crisp edges rather than those blurry halos that can blur your vision or at the very least cause headaches and eye strain.  This is more comfortable for your eyes.

If you need to drive at night and you have problems with glare and halos off of lights then you should consider using these glasses.  You can also use these as sunglasses for during the day, but these yellow lensed beauties by Tag Heuer will give you the extra boost of confidence you need to drive at night. 

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It may feel weird at first putting on sunglasses at midnight, but you will quickly get used to them and wonder what you did without them.  By changing the light, the glare is cut out and so are the halos allowing you to see more clearly and safely.  It actually feels more like daytime driving.

If you are concerned that you are not seeing all shapes and objects while driving, then you will benefit from these glasses.

You also need to get good quality, and these glasses are a quality product produced in France.  This particular style has been designed specifically for the night driver and yet still looks trendy and chic. 

The rimless style is still very strong and looks great, with a no crack polyamide lens shield to keep them safe.  They have beta-titanium temples that have been flex coated for strength and yet very comfortable.

There is a 100% UV coating to protect your eyes and are ergonomically designed to be the best night time glasses that you have ever used.

Tag Heuer has been known for their quality products, and the night time glasses are no exception.  Yes you do pay more for their products, but you are buying quality,  you will still have them years from now, which is more than you can say for other cheaper made products on the market.

You can purchase these in quality eye glasses supply stores, or you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  Shopping online for name brand products can be a great way to see a much larger assortment and get the best price possible.

 So, if you see glare at night protect your eyes with night vision glasses.

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TAG Heuer Wide Night Vision 5202-099 Sunglasses,Black Frame/Yellow Lens,one size
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these help get rid of those halos from lights.