Your Online Photo Albums... Add Tags!

So you joined Facebook like everyone else in the known universe, and it is, hands down, your favorite social networking site. You might even be the one responsible for getting most of your friends on Facebook in the first place. You even went to the movie "Social Network", and you found yourself feeling bad for the Facebook founder -- billionaire geek-genius Mark Zuckerberg.

So you chose a nice FB profile picture (that changes monthly), and then you diligently added your main squeeze, your family (even siblings!), your friends, your buddies, your pals, some classmates, and even your co-workers to your network of friends. After that you linked to some long lost friends from high school, college, even grade school, and perhaps some people you don’t actually know that well at all. Now a big part of your life, the people, the memories, old posts, and your life stories are part of this online community. So, why and how, should you tag your friends in photos and pics on Facebook?

Photos are the documentation of those great memories and wonderful life stories, and unlike your friends who are great photographers and who have sites at Picasa, Flickr, or Photobucket, most of your best pics are in your Facebook account! 

Wait a minute! You just realized that I'm talking about real photos, actual pics, and snapshots that you've taken with your smartphone, digital/disposal camera, or SLR. Or maybe they're so old we're actually taling about loose "developed" -- not digital-- photos that you kept in a drawer, box, photo album or cube, and you had to scan them into your computer! Yes those. You'll have plenty of time later to tag your friends' names onto random photos that are essentially games and jokes with cute drawings, funny cartoons, icons, random sayings, anime, manga, comic book heros, and more. But let's talk about your real photos...

Facebook friends tag online

Why Should You Tag Your Friends in Facebook Photos?

Why take the time to go through and tag all the people in your Facebook photos? Here are some ideas why you should! It might have more of a positive and far-reaching effect than you think:

  • Of course the most important people in your life are in most of your photos. And if you start to upload and tag all of your photos, you will see good times, fun times, important times with the same family and core group of friends again and again. For example, your junior high BFF (best friend forever) is in all the class trip photos beside you, holiday photos, graduation snapshots, and perhaps even your wedding party pics.
  • You will boost, bolster, and fortify your “inner circle of trust.” Those around you, also on Facebook, will see these tagged photos as a sort of a reinforcement of the closeness of your circle of friends and loved ones.
  • Your personal life story and history is well-documented for you to share (for those who were and were NOT there!). If you meet someone new, and they become important to you going forward, you can easily share images of your life history with them through your Facebook photos. They need to know if you're a bigger fan of Demi Lovato concerts or the latest Selena Gomez tour! For many, it's easier to show a few pictures of that world-wide safari or night out in the big city than to try to describe it..
  • Your online photo album, with tags of all of your Facebook friends, can show the world that... 1) You’ve had some really fun (or crazy/wild/heroic/special) days in your life; 2) Even you have had some superbly photogenic moments. "Every one is beautiful, in their own way!" Model much, you superstar? 3) You have been a good friend (sibling/kid/spouse/foil/inspiration) to others; 4) And that you were very cute as a (fill in the blank)_________ [baby, toddler, kid, teen, girl/boy scout, singer/dancer/athlete/rock star/soldier, etc.); 5) and so much more!!
  • The people around you will be encouraged by seeing their names tagged in the most important aspects of your life, as documented in all of your photos on Facebook. What's the upside? It could serve to make your important relationships stronger, and the superficial ones fade to the background. 

How Do You Tag Your Friends in Facebook Photos?

So now you're convinced that tagging these photos is worth doing! It's actually a pretty intuitive process. Here's a quick step-by-step guide to tagging your pics in Facebook:

  • select the photo you wish to tag
  • when the larger window opens, select the ‘tag the photo’ link in lower left column
  • place the cross hair cursor over the face of the person you know, and click
  • type in the person’s name, with the help of your friends list!
  • when you’re done choose either: ‘remove tag’ or ‘finish tagging’.
  • close the window and choose your next photo. Simple!


Facebook, founded in 2004, is clearly here to stay. Many people use it every day -- often first thing in the morning -- and then several times a day. Laptops, desktops, netbooks, tablets, even smart phones are constantly logging in and out of this social network of choice! And through the course of the day, FB users are constantly uploading thousands of photos, links, stories, videos, and more. [BTW, do you ever wonder if Facebook is safe?]

The Facebook habit is a way for you to connect with the people who have impacted your life, and that connection is not something that you would soon give up. It has a global reach, and the power of social networking has already had some interesting effects in oppressed countries around the world. Upload your photos, make online photo albums, or photobooks, and always back up your photos, but use Facebook to make them available for all to enjoy. Tag your friends and family - let them know they matter! (You can even open another browser window and tag while you stream great online TV shows at Netflix!) When they are notified of the 'tag', and that picture "says a thousand words" to them, the reminder of those memories will be a gift that says so much about what they mean to you.