With the tight competition in the e-commerce industry, it has been a really a challenge to stand out from the crowd. Empowered customers are now capable of searching almost infinite of choices they have that will meet their needs. It would be really a great task to create what will make you unique from everybody, just like your fingerprint.

This is where branding and identity comes in. Developing your website's tagline is like creating your fingerprint. Taglines are like your products' slogan which should be easily recognized and remembered by your potential clients.

Here are some features to include in making your website's tagline:

  1. Be You - No one in the world knows your product best than you. In creating your tagline, you should incorporate your values, vision and mission, culture and attitude you want your customers to see. Examples of brands that show who they are Ajax' "Stronger than dirt" and Bayer Aspirin's "Bayer works wonders" You can check other successful brands for ideas but do not copy them. It is good to be idealistic but it should be balanced by reality. For example, you want to be like Pizza Hut's delivery "Hate Late" but you do not have the transporting resources yet. You can complement that by "Slowly but surely" tagline to convey that your company is quality concerned and you are worth the wait.

  2. KISS - Keep It Short and Simple. Remember that Netizens do not have much time to read long phrases because of time constrain; they want to utilize their time to check every available option so they just scan. According to the study of Nielsen Norman Group (2008), "On the average Web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely." Keeping it short and simple is an advantage because it will be easily registered and repeated in a user’s memory. Examples of tagline which followed KISS are "Intel Inside" by Intel and Nike’s "Just do it."

  3. Be Attention grabber – Think of in the difference your brand has that will take it to the spotlight. You may have a good number of strengths but it is better to be specific and focus on one or two that you want to highlight. It has to be powerful and will represent your company’s identity. Examples are Volkswagen's "Think small", IMAX's "Think big" and Nokia's "Connecting People."

  4. Be Unique - It is easy to claim that you are the best but the problem is you are not the only best in e-commerce. One way to make your brand unique is to feature your unique selling quality. It could be a secret ingredient, an outstanding record in your field’s history, state of the art facilities and advanced technology. One example is Skecher's Relaxed Fit shoes tagline "More Space. Improved Cushion. Instant Comfort."

  5. Be Irresistible - Create a tagline that will leave your customers wanting more. Ponder on what is in your product that anyone can say no about. It is like seducing the customers to give it a try with you. Choose words that are inviting, positive, daring and mysterious. Make readers curious on how your products taste, look and feel just like Disneyland's "The happiest place on earth." Make your brand desirable and tempting like McDonald’s "Craving? Give in," "Finger lickin' good" by KFC and M&Ms' "Melts in your mouth, not in your hands." You can also post a challenge to attract customers just like Addidas' "Impossible is nothing" and EA's "Challenge everything."



A brand that has no or weak tagline is just like a human without a fingerprint. You will be just like any other brands that cannot leave a mark on a user’s mind.