If you are looking for cheap Tahari by ASL fashions, you've come to the right place. Tahari by ASL is a popular brand of clothing licensed by the famous American luxurious designer, Elie Tahari to Arthur S. Levine (ASL). Elie Tahari is a luxury fashion designer in who has worldwide presence in many countries and several thousand stores in the United States. He licensed his name to ASL and a new brand was born. This brand is distinguished from his own line of clothing.

Tahari by ASL does not only cater to the rich and famous but also caters to a wide range of people such as CEOs, lawyers and accountants. Their apparel ranges from corporate suits to more casual clothing such as dresses. There are a few places where you can buy cheap Tahari by ASL clothing selling at a discount which will be discussed later. Often, you would be able to get one at around $100 to $300 depending on the styles you are after. Whether you are looking to impress your co workers or attend a party, these stylish Tahari by ASL clothes will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Tahari by ASL Suits

Tahari by ASLOne of the popular fashions of Tahari by ASL is their suits. Their suits often come in a 2 piece set consisting of a jacket and a pants or skirt. These women's Tahari by ASL suits are perfect for office wear because their design is simple yet elegant. Because of the high quality material used to make them, they are also very well known for their comfort. They are usually made of a combination of cotton, wool, polyester, spandex and cashmere to provide breathability to the suit.

There are many types of styles that you can choose from, such as a pinstriped jacket, a houndstooth jacket or an animal print jacket. While the colors are usually conservative, you would also be able to find some daring colors such as red. They also come in various sizes ranging from petite sizes to plus sizes, so you can be sure that one of them will fit you perfectly. This allows petite or plus sized people to wear a stylish Tahari by ASL suit without having to specially tailor make them or alter them.

Because of the famous brand, you may think that these Tahari by ASL suits are expensive. In actual fact, they are quite affordable as you can get a whole set consisting of a jacket and a bottom for around $140 to $240. This is quite a good deal as you would also be able to use the jacket to match with the existing attire that you have. Take for example this cheap Tahari by ASL Pinstriped Jacket and Skirt. It features a notched collar, long sleeves, two button closures, slit pockets and shaping seams to give you a stylish and dynamic look. This simple and elegant navy color suit only costs $140 on Amazon.com.

Tahari by ASL Dresses

Besides suits, Tahari by ASL also designs and produces dresses which are perfect for casual dinners or cocktail parties. They are carefully made with princess seam tailoring to add shape to the dress when worn. You are sure to look elegant in their dresses as they are designed to bring out the best in you. You can get plain colored ones or those with floral print, V necked ones, sleeveless or one shoulder ones and many more. Some of these dresses come with sexy slits at the back which will definitely turn some eyes at the dinner. The pleating on the Tahari by ASL dress also creates a tender silhouette.

They are also not very expensive as you can get one for as low as $40. With the same amount of money that you were going to pay for a regular brand one, why not buy a Tahari by ASL dress and flaunt it at the party. The higher range ones will cost you around $100 or $160 at most.

Similar to the suits, these Tahari by ASL dresses also comes in various sizes from petite to plus sizes. With each design, you would be able to choose the size that you want. Some designs only come in selected sizes. However, generally it would be quite easy to find one that is suitable for yourself.

Some unique dresses from Tahari by ASL can be worn in both the office and for dinners. These dresses come with a matching jacket which makes it look very formal for office wear. All you need to do is to remove the jacket and you are all set to attend that dinner party you have. There is no need to go home and get changed anymore with these designs.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Tahari by ASL Apparel?

By now, you may be wondering where the places to buy cheap Tahari by ASL clothing are. Below are some great places where you can find Tahari by ASL clothing for sale.

For those of you who like online shopping, you would be pleased to find out that it is possible to buy Tahari by ASL clothes online. You no longer have to drive out to the store to purchase them. All you need to know is your dress size and you are all set. One of the best places to buy them is on Amazon.com. They have a wide range of designs available for sale. You do not need to worry about them being fake imitations because they are sold by the Tahari store themselves. You can get quite a lot of discounts on this website from 25% to 50%. If you are lucky, you may also be able to find some items selling at a 75% discount.

Besides that, another good place to look for cheap Tahari by ASL clothes is on eBay. While they are famous for selling used or pre-owned items, you can also find new ones on this website. With this site, you can bid on the items or use the 'Buy it Now' function to secure your purchase.