The Tahiti Village Resort is the infamous Las Vegas resort where they hawk time shares. From Infomercials to busty college girls passing out leaflets on the Las Vegas Strip there goal is to bribe you to get into a presentation. Maybe you will even get a free AM/FM radio if you are lucky.

I have never been to one of their presentations (Next Summer?) or stayed at their resort but I have talked too many people who have. They all say the resort and the staff are nice and friendly.

The problem with the Tahiti Village Resort is the price you have too pay. For most people it would be cheaper (even in the long run) to simply rent nightly when visiting Vegas. The time share cost at Tahiti Village Resort is way overpriced.

I usually get to talk to the people who say "Yeah, I own a condo down in Vegas." I'm saying "that's cool man. Where at In Vegas?" They say all proudly "Tahiti Village Resort". At the point I usually start snickering and laughing. They don't own a dang thing and they are very limited as to when they can visit "There Condo".

After I start laughing they usually begin trying to mock me back and they will say" what are you laughing at? You live in a card board box". My snickering then turns into out right laughter as I explain that I own my cardboard box out right and have no monthly maintenance fees. I also do no have to share my card board box with anyone else who also pays fees to stay there for a week or two throughout the year.

The Tahiti Village Resort in Las Vegas is very nice. No doubt about it but the humor comes from the people that got suckered into a time share purchase contract. Sure, for some people a time share with Tahiti Village Resort and it's parent company Consolidated Resorts can be a money saver but for most of those Vegas Babeswho bought a time share they got scammed.

Some of the people who bought time shares with Tahiti Village Resort realize they over paid and will admit it. Others will try to justify it and make it sound like such a great deal they got on their Vegas Condo. I usually call BS.

Even Consolidated Resorts that control Tahiti Village Resort call a time share with there company a "Vacation Ownership". On the website for Consolidated Resorts Tahiti Village Resort they also have another link called "Make a Mortgage Payment".

Next summer if I go to Las Vegas I will make sure to attend a Tahiti Village Resort timeshare meeting. I will covertly record the whole sales pitch. I will then have the audio sped up and altered so it sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks are giving a Tahiti Village Resort timeshare sales pitch. That's what I call a fun Vegas Vacation!

Photo Credit:(RedHotMamma)