Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez has really burst onto the scene within the last year. If you're searching for info about him, you've probably seen one of his Youtube videos and became curious. 

Tai is a self-professed "Renaissance Man", entrepreneur, and teacher. He famously reads a book a day. He lives in the Hollywood Hills and drives Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Some find him abrasive, some find him amazing. 

I discovered Tai in 2014 and started watching his videos on his Youtube channel. Most of his Youtube videos are about the books he reads. He is a huge proponent of life-long learning and reading especially. When he started offering his 67 Steps program, I jumped on board to check it out.

67 Steps by Tai Lopez

67 Steps
Credit: TaiLopez.com

What is the program?

The program is a self-development, educational system that takes the user through a series of lessons from Step One: "The Billionaire's Brain & Jennifer Lopez's Voice" to the last step: "Annihilating The Amygdala & MPFC Mastery" over the course of about nine and a half weeks. When you enter the program, you also get a bundle of bonus material including several videos. You also get access to a private Facebook group of fellow students, which is a very active community of people who are learning and growing together. 


Price: At the time of this writing, the cost of the program is $67. For such a valuable, in-depth learning system, this is nearly nothing. It's basically a dollar a day. One of the biggest lessons that Tai teaches is how important it is to invest in yourself. It is the best investment you can possibly make. As they say, "Those who learn more, earn more." 

Value: The value you can get out of the program is immense. Personally, the best part of the system was the shift in my mindset I got out of it. I came away from it with a clearer focus, a more positive mindset, and much better strategies for getting where I want to go. (Plus, I started to really figure out what I want to do in life!)

Learn From The Best: Another lesson Tai teaches is learning from the best. He doesn't mean himself. He says, "Go straight to the top." Tai learns from the top minds, both alive and dead. Through mentors, friendships, books and other avenues, he is constantly learning and passing on the information. Tai is a bit of a quote machine, consistently speaking the words of the world's eminent thinkers.


Verbose: Tai can really talk! The man has a lot of thoughts and likes to express them. While at times he can be repetitive, most of the time the repetition is intentional on his part. It is a tool to really drive home some of the key insights. On occasion, some might find Tai's ability to speak nearly endlessly annoying. Personally, I like listening to him and appreciate the depth he dives into a subject.

Should you try out the program?

As far as I know, Tai still offers a satisfaction guarantee. So, if you're not happy with the 67 Steps, I'm pretty sure you can get your money back.

I went into the program with a degree of skepticism, which comes very naturally to me and I think is a healthy trait. So many people are jaded and think that it must be a scam of some kind. I understand why people are skeptical, there are a lot of con artists out there for sure. Tai isn't one of them though.

You can learn a ton and get a lot of value out of the 67 Steps. I would recommend most people give it a try. If you do, say hi in the Facebook group! 

Whether or not you try the 67 Steps, make sure you invest in yourself! Learn more! You'll be happier, healthier, and wealthier. Good luck on your journey.