Any serious tailgater will tell you that you must be prepared for any situation. The pounding heat of the sun, the thundering deluge of a sudden rainstorm, the thumping of hail, and the blinding fury of a snowstorm. For the diehard, college tailgating is not simply an activity for a pleasant summer or fall afternoon, it is the one sure way to demonstrate your allegiance to your team. By trekking to the stadium year-round and under any conditions, the true fan demonstrates that he or she will stand by the team in thick or thin. These diehards require gear that will aid them in their quest to support their team no matter what the elements dish out.

Tailgating tents are one essential item that no true tailgater should do without. Shade is the antidote to the oppressive onslaught of the summer sun. Tailgating tents give the tailgater a few feet of shade to shelter in, which is more than enough to escape sunburn and heat fatigue. Cool drinks and good food are other essential tailgating survival gear for the summer tailgating party, but they are inadequate to provide relief to the tailgater without a tailgating tent. Rain and hail storms can wreak havoc on any tailgating party, but if you have a shelter from the brunt of the storm, tailgating is made bearable.

Tailgating canopies will keep rain and hail off of the tailgater. Cold drinks are not really ideal for the tailgater who hopes to survive a rainstorm, but good food is still essential. Not only does food help to maintain the body's metabolism, but it can help to lift the spirits. Tailgating parties in the rain are not usually the most lively or boisterous gatherings, but they offer the diehard a chance to demonstrate their team loyalty while showcasing their ability to thrive in even adverse conditions. Snow deserves a category of its own. Getting soaked to the bone is not as likely in a snowstorm as in a rain or hail storm, but the dangers presented by the cold make snow equally threatening to the well being of the tailgater. Tailgating tents once again provide necessary shelter for the tailgater. Warm drinks and good food provide fuel to keep the body warm.

A grill, which is welcome at any tailgating party, now provides an added benefit as a source of heat. In snowy conditions, the tailgating party has more in common with ice-fishing expeditions than it does with its summertime counterpart, but it still provides a perfect backdrop to highlight a diehard fan's undeniable drive to support his or her team. Besides providing shelter, tailgating tents should also provide the super fan with the ability to broadcast their allegiance to the world. As such, most tailgating tents are offered in team colors. Thus, a diehard fan can set up a ten-by-ten canopy, which will show the world what team he or she has come to support. Team logos often find a way onto the canopy as well.

In summer, the brightly colored tailgating tent acts as a beacon to attract fans of a similar persuasion. In adverse conditions, the tent tells the world who the fan has sacrificed the comfort of an armchair in front of a TV to support. The above examples should be sufficient to make a case for tailgating tents as essential gear for any diehard tailgater. Finding tailgating tents for fans of any team is easy thanks to the Internet. Buying a tailgating tent is no more than a few clicks away, so no fan has an excuse to go without. Protect yourself while you support your team with a quality tailgating canopy.