When it comes to choosing the best mid price acoustic guitar, there are a few factors that you should be keeping your eyes open for. Most guitarists are aware of these factors; however, I will go through them anyways. You should look for:

-the guitar’s compatibility to work with all types of strings

-a parts and labour warranty

-an in-tune sound coming from the acoustic guitar

-the instrument being produced by a reputable brand (such as Takamine, Fender, and Gibson)

Even with all of these things in mind, it will be hard to decide on a guitar that is being sold for less than $100. Virtually every company produces at least one model for under $100, so there are literally hundreds of instruments to choose from! I am not trying to say that the Takamine S35 is the absolute best guitar in the mid price range; however, I am trying to open your eyes to the benefits of buying the S35.

The Takamine S35 Comes With A Great Warranty-2 Year Parts And Labour, And Lifetime Defective!

Most companies attach a 1 year parts and labour warranty to the acoustic and electric guitars that they sell; this warranty will not cover the repair cost of your dropping the instrument, but it will cover common mishaps (such as one of the frets falliJasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar By TakamineCredit: Amazon.comng out). In addition to Takamine including a lengthy 2 year parts and labour warranty with their S35 acoustic guitar, they also incorporate a lifetie warranty that covers defects!

I can guarantee that if you take care of your instrument, you will never have to use the parts and labour warranty. However, you have no control over the guitar having defects; even the most experienced guitarists can accidentally buy a lemon.  For instance, some musicians will notice that their guitar won’t stay in tune. Guitars that will not stay in tune can be a result of an angled neck or a wrongly carved nut. These are both manufacturer defects in the guitar, and will be repaired/replaced immediately on a Takamine S35!

The Matte Finish On This Best Mid Price Acoustic Guitar Will Not Show Fingerprints Easily!

Many musicians choose acoustic guitars with a glossy finish because it looks cool! Some of the most popular guitars have a glossy finish on them; Gibson’s Les Paul, Yamaha’Close Up Shot Of The Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarCredit: Amazon.coms FG700S, and Epiphone’s DR-100 are all glossy acoustic guitars! However, guitars that have a glossy finish usually retain fingerprints!

I totally agree with guitarists looking cool! Many of the best guitar strings, capo’s, and straps are designed to look funky. However, buying a glossy acoustic guitar will cause you to have to clean the wood with a cloth after every song that you play! The Takamine S35 has a matte finish, so you can be absolutely sure that it will take a while before your fingerprints show on the guitar!

The Takamine S35 is definitely not a funky looking instrument; however, it is the best mid price acoustic guitar if you are looking for an instrument that you will not have to clean frequently!

This Acoustic Guitar Produces The Best Sound And Volume For An Entry-Level InstrumentJasmine By Takamine S34C Acoustic GuitarCredit: Amazon.com

Entry-level guitars are not known to produce great sound and loud volumes; however, the Takamine S35 sound MUCH better than any mid range guitar that I have heard! Takamine places function before form. They do not place a large emphasis on producing stylish guitars; but rather, they focus on producing acoustic guitars that sound great!

At the end of the day, you should know your own needs as a guitarist. You should not buy the Takamine S35 simply because this article is exposing the benefits of doing so; but rather, you should buy the guitar that suits your needs as a musician.

For instance, if you are a guitarist that wants the coolest looking guitar, then the Takamine S35 is definitely not the right choice for you. However, if you are someone that enjoys playing the best sounding entry-level acoustic guitar, then you should definitely consider buying the S35!

I should also mention that the guitar accessories play just as big of a role as the guitar itself! Things like guitar strings, capos, and straps are extremely important, and will allow you to reach the maximum level of comfort and sound with your acoustic guitar. I would combine the Takamine S35 with high end guitar strings to unlock the best possible sound from this guitar! People can spend over $500 on an acoustic guitar, and still not get the sound that they want. I dare you to play the Takamine S35 and not be satisfied with the sound that it produces; it is one of the best sounding acoustic guitars in the music industry! When looking for the best mid price acoustic guitar for under $100, the Takamine S35 should definitely be considered!