TakeOutWithOutAmericans produce a lot of waste - particularly food packaging waste. Every year Americans toss out enough plastic forks, spoons, cups, and bags to circle the equater 300 times.

Thanksfully, a cool new campaign has recently been launched to help curb the amount of restaurant waste we produce every year - it's called TakeOutWithOut, and they're asking you to do 3 things every time you order take out:

1) ReFuse the uncessary packaging. Do you really need 20 napkins with your sandwhich? Or do you really need that plastic cutlery if you're going to take your to go food home where you have metal reusable cutlery? In many cases the answer is no and TakeOutWithOut is asking you to a be a little stronger, to stand up to those cashiers who are quickly shoving uncessary items in your bag, and to ReFuse the excess packaging.

2) ReTake your own reusables. Many folks are getting into the habit of bringing their own bags to the supermarket and grocery stores - TakeOutWithOut asks why not bring your own reusable cutlery, containers, straws, mugs and more when you're getting food and beverage to go.

3) ReConsider your habits. Take out food can often be greasy and unhealthy and TakeOutWithOut is also asking you to ReConsider your eating habits. They're calling on consumers to adopt healtheir eating strategies, and to cook more often, and to shop at your local farmers market (where the food is a little bit fresher and a whole lot less packaged).

One of the center pieces of the campaign seems to be a list of participating restaurants who are all offering incentives for customers to bring their own containers and use less packaging (e.g., 25 cents off your coffee if your bring your own mug). This list is still underdevelopment on ToWo's website, but restaurants can submit their name and information and will be contacted once it's up and running.

The campaign is very active on twitter (with a following of close to 1,000 people and frequent posting multiple times a day) and facebook (with over 1,700 fans).

For the readers, I'd love to hear about the strategies you use to reduce your food packaging foot print. Do you carry your own reusables in your purse? Do you keep your own mug at the office? Do you run a business that uses compostables? Tell us what you do, and help inspire others.


And, if you're interested in reducing the amount of food packaging that you use or helping your local businesses reduce the amount of food packaging that they use, definitely check out ToWo!