Save the space inside for your family and put the luggage & stuff on top

When you've got far more baggage, gear, or junk that you've got space inside the trunk, it should be time to think about investing in a roof rack or some other kind of external cargo storage system. The manufacturers of today have really gotten imaginative in the last decade and improved this product vastly from the old clamp on style roof carrier.  You remember those - in which the carrier straps tap, tap, tapped across the roof or window over the entire trip!

These days, several of your roof racks are molded right in to the top of your Van or SUV, making it all look and work better!  You are able to also get hitch cargo racks, which attach to your trailer hitch receiver, and give you an excellent storage shelf right off the back end of one's automobile. There are also covered or enclosed vehicle roof carriers which are just a whole lot more aerodynamic compared to the earlier box or tent versions.

Needless to say there are specialty mount racks that attach right to your trunk, either permanently or temporarily, which give you just enough extra space if you've got a small trunk space.  And of course there are also the reliable bike racks, ski racks, and kayak racks.  I have even seen hoist accessories that will assist in lifting the bike or kayak off the top of one's automobile and into the ceiling of your garage.  I think not opening your garage door high enough might have a similar result - sort of just like the Griswold's Family Truckster in Vacation!  Note to self here - the key is to measure first to be absolutely sure that what you've got up there - will go out the door - and remain on the top of the vehicle!  Or you could just put everything out in the driveway and load it up out there!!!

Regardless of whether or not we're hauling a lot more toys towards the lake or campground now than fifty years ago is debatable.  We've always prided ourselves in looking like the Clampetts coming to Beverly Hills, and we still do!  But, for sure, it is getting to be a whole heck of a lot easier to get it stored nowadays!  And our friends making these great roof rack products deserve all the credit! 

The Early Cargo Storage Roof Racks

H Billy Style that is

The Clampetts on the road