Finally, a way to help solve your back pain problems without costing a fortune!

If you’re sick and tired of your lifestyle hampered by regular back pains, which can take out a hefty chunk out of your paycheck for regular massages and professional appointments, here is something for you to consider.

If you had a way to have a personal therapist waiting for you at home and save money, wouldn’t that be a good deal? I’m sure that would be extremely valuable and comfortable to you.

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You need a massage chair.

Getting yourself a massage chair will give you the following valuable benefits:

  1. Better bloodstream

    • Prevents numbness and stiffness in legs, back, shoulders and neck for people working on physically demanding tasks.
    • Also relaxes body muscles.
    • A massage favours lung ventilation for better and more profound breathing.
  2. Relaxation of stiff and sore muscles

    • Favors muscle extension and keeping them flexible.
    • Contributes to reducing physical symptoms such as muscle or joint pains.
  3. Better posture

    Relaxes muscles and making them more flexible. Can help restore posture and biomechanical equilibrium.

  4. Lowering of arterial pressure

    Regular massages help fight arterial pressure in two ways. First, it maintains equilibrium bloodstream throughout the whole body, and reduces stress considerably.

  5. Other health benefits

    • Improves bloodstream.
    • Relaxes sore muscles.
    • Gives the skin a healthier appearance.
    • Favors a better state of mind.
    • Relieves tension and stress.
    • Stimulates intellectual capacities.
  6. Worthwhile cost

    • Many spends thousand of dollars on equipment for long-term benefits. Rates for certified massage therapist can range from $40 – $100 depending, on training, location, and service. Think about it, sitting in your own massage chair will make up for the long-term therapist's price coupled with all the other advantages your own massage chair offers.
  7. Convenience and ready on-demand

    Your therapist and your schedule may not coincide on specific dates. Having your own massage chair in your home is similar to having a therapist 24/7. Plop down after a busy day and relax. 

  8. Privacy

    What could be more relaxing than chilling in your own home. Also, not all feels comfortable stripping and have a stranger touch their bodies.

  9. Provides advanced, quality technology

    Modern massage chairs are integrated with high quality and top-of-the-line mechanisms to mimic shiatsu method of massage therapy.

  10. Dual function

    A massage chair could also be a simple chair for anyone to sit in when not in use. With so many styles and models to choose, you are bound to find one that will fit your home decor.

How to purchase a massage chair

When considering a purchase, here are 3 things you must look for in a massage chair:

  1. A massage chair should stimulate therapeutic effects of a massage specialist

    Whether you are buying for comfort or to solve chronic pain, make sure it has at least the following settings:

    • Kneading / Shiatsu. Has kneading rolls from the center of the spine outward and feels like two hands alternately rubbing your back. This is a great way to relieve stress and give your back muscles a break.
    • Percussion / Tapping. Gets the blood flowing. This is particularly good if you do lots of intense exercise.
    • Rolling. These are wheels that roll up and down either side of your spine, gently moving spinal bones and stretching your spine and muscles.
    • Full Recline. To truly get a deep tissue massage you need to put as much of your weight onto your massage chair as possible.
    • Airbag Massage. This is wonderful for calf, arm, or seat massage.
  2. Inspect chair durability

    Be aware there are “knock off” massage chairs being sold that are cheaply hacked together and will not last long. Inspect a chair thoroughly.

  3. Review warranty and support

    A long warranty offered by the manufacturer means more confidence they have in their product.

    Any massage chair will eventually break down. Make sure your massage chair is built with a modular design (most are nowadays) so that it can be easily repaired and so that you can repair it without having to send the whole chair back to the manufacturer.

    Make sure that your massage chair manufacturer has easy-to-reach customer support after the sale.

In conclusion:

Finding the right massage chair for you will take time and effort on your part but the health benefits is a worthwhile long-term investment for your home and well-being.