In the past, a photograph was just that – a photograph, and the options for doing anything more with it were limited to having it enlarged and perhaps framed. The advent of digital photography has changed all of this, in that it is now possible to turn your images into a dazzling range of photo gifts, from things which are inexpensive and fun, all the way to high end luxury items. Whether you’re an individual wishing to mark a special occasion, or a business looking for a distinctive way in which to spread the word, personalised photo gifts fit the bill perfectly.

The process of turning one of your digital photographs into a photo gift is quick and simple. The only ‘work’ involved on your part will be choosing the image which you think suits the gift best, and then uploading this image and using the appropriate software to fashion the gift of your choice.

Personalised photo gifts are ideal for showing the person you’re giving them to just how much they mean to you. Not many gifts can claim to be totally unique, one off and utterly distinctive but that’s precisely what these gifts offer, allied to a personal aspect which means that they will be particularly gratefully received. Most people are aware of the fact that pictures can now be turned into fridge magnets and greeting cards, but these are really only the start of the story, and the items below are just a few of the fantastic photo gift ideas which are available:

Photo Books – your favourite images captured between the pages of a book forever. The volumes available range from small, soft back editions to lavish luxury hardback books, and are the ideal way to capture the likes of a wedding, family holiday or the first year of a child’s life.

Calendars and Diaries – we all make use of calendars and diaries, but why shouldn’t they be beautiful as well as useful? A wall calendar or diary put together using images of your choice will mean that checking your appointments is something which lifts the heart and gladdens the soul.

Bags – there are virtually no items which can’t be improved with the addition of one of your favourite photos, and this is true of bags. A shopping bag, beach bag or child’s rucksack decorated in this manner would make a fantastic gift – after all, what granny wouldn’t enjoy shopping that bit more if her bag featured the smiling face of a favourite grandchild?

Key Rings – a passport sized photo in a hard wearing acrylic key ring means that you can take a loved one with you wherever you go. Alternatively, they make a quick and easy gift for companies to give away as a means of distributing their logo as widely as possible.

Glass Chopping Board – a tempered glass chopping board sporting a favourite image will brighten up any kitchen and is another excellent gift idea. Because the image is on the underside of the board, beneath the toughened glass, it will be safe and remain in perfect condition no matter how sharp your knives are.

Jigsaw Puzzles – what gift could better combine fun and educational value than a 150 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring an image of the child it’s been given to, or perhaps something like a favourite pet or playground? Made of the highest quality materials, a puzzle such as this is one which people will love solving over and over again.

These are just a few of the things which you can do with a favourite photo. Other photo gifts include mugs, t-shirts, snow globes, mouse mats, place mats and, for a special seasonal twist, Christmas stockings which come complete with a favourite picture of the child who’s going to be emptying it on Christmas morning. The one thing which all of the gifts you can create have in common is that they are high quality and deeply personal.