Bachelorette party t-shirts can be found almost anywhere online. They mostly say the same thing: "bachelorette", "bride," "bridesmaid", or "maid of honor". These are just not good enough, especially if the bride has a very strong sense of individuality.

What you, the designated party planner, should do is look into restyling these generic shirts. Buy a few of these bachelorette party t-shirts if you do not want to work from scratch.

After all, time is gold and there are a lot of other things to take care of when learning how to plan a bachelorette party. They are also relatively cheap.

First, consider your talents. If you do not know how to sew, ask the guests if any of them can. Chances are there would be at least one who could work the needle and thread. If you know how to do it yourself, then that's great.

After getting the shirts, decide on the designs. You do not have to do anything fancy. A kid's bedazzle kit would do the trick. Iron-on patches could work too. If you have a specific image in mind, print it out onto heat transfer paper. Painting talents could also be utilized by using fabric paints.

Once the supplies are complete, it's time to work. These bachelorette party t-shirts normally are just ordinary shirts so a good idea is to reshape the shirt's neckline.

Everybody looks sexier in a v-neck. For timid guests, opt for a boat neck or off-shoulder cut. For more daring ones, why not do a low square neck for maximum cleavage exposure? It is indeed girls' night out!

When the tweaking of necklines is done, it's time to add supplementary designs. Sew, paint, glue, or iron on whatever design you have prepared and let them dry. There. You now have spruced up shirts that the bride and everyone else would adore. These make the perfect bachelorette gifts to all the guests.

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