Face Wash

Are you neglecting your skin?

Odds are, you are!

If you think a quick wash in the shower is good enough, you’re wrong. Your skin is exposed to the people around you and a harsh environment day in and day out. Taking the time to practice good skin care should be something you do every day to be healthy and to look great!

Know your skin

Head to Toe

Good skin care begins by knowing your own face and body and by learning how to best care for it. The specific type of skin care system you use will be different based on what skin type you have. First you need to determine whether you are mostly dry, mostly oily, or a combination of the two. If you are unsure about your skin type you can find great how-to guides online or stop by any makeup counter at a local department store and ask for a skin analysis. For your body, try out different levels of moisture. If using lotion for extra dry skin begins to create pimples, it may be best to go to a lighter lotion. Avon's moisture therapy is a great choice.   If you are unsure about your skin type you can find great how-to guides online or stop by any makeup counter at a local department store and ask for an analysis. 

Create a skin care kit

Once you discover your skin type, I highly recommend you create a skin care kit. You don’t have to get the same items from the same product line. Experiment until you find what you like.

It’s most important that you cleanse your face before you go to sleep. This is the time when your body is in its restorative phase. So it’s literally beauty sleep!

So what do you need in this skin care kit? Well, there are a few things you must have and a few things you should have. 


You Must Have:

For face & body -

Water - is one of the best ways to purify your body and therefore, your skin. When skin is hydrated, it is plump and less likely to crack.

Vitamins or supplements that increase collagen production. There are a couple to choose from, but I personally like Ceramiden by Natural Herb Labs. 

For your face:

  1. Cleanser - Bar soaps are drying and most body washes contain fragrance and alcohol. Sulfate and fragrance-free options are much better for your face.

  2. Moisturizer – Yes, even if you have oily skin you must not skip moisturizer. You can find water-based moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated without contributing to oiliness.

  3. SPF – Either your moisturizer or foundation needs to have SPF of minimum 15. 

For your body:


Body Lotion with little to no alcohol - Your skin craves moisture and it's your biggest defender against the elements. Keeping the moisture in will keep you from starting to look gray and ruddy. Alcohol feeds on moisture, so keep it out of your body lotion!

Apply lotion immediately after a shower and tap or air dry for a fresh, radiant glow. Rubbing with the towel can be irritating and can steal some of the moisture your trying to hold on to!

Oh, and don’t forget your feet! A pumice stone is a great addition to your skin care kit. It's really good for removing the dry, dead skin from your heels and around your toenails. You don't want to use this directly on your nail, however, because it will cause your nails to split. 

You Should Have:

or plan to get...

  1. A toner that balances pH – High/Low levels of pH can result in skin sensitivity, irritation, dryness or can even contribute to eczema. There are many types of "toners" available. Make sure you get one made to balance your pH. 
  2. Vitamin E & Oil–  Vitamin E protects against free radicals  which are created by pollutants and other harmful elements.  Vitamin E oil is great for nourishing nails and works as a great cuticle remover.
  3. Detox bath soak – Rids your body of toxins that could be clogging your pores. Rinse with cool water afterwards to close your pores. Do not use soap during this rinse, you wouldn't want to undo all the good you did with your detox bath. 


Get Your Glow On

Find good items that work for you. If you start a new product and you see that it’s irritating to you, take note of the ingredients and try alternate skin care lines with different active ingredients.

Don’t worry if it takes a few tries to find your favorites. Good skin care is about much more than just using the right cleanser or moisturizer. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, wear your SPF and clean your face before bed!

If you want to enjoy living in your own skin, take good care of it!