Searching for a new apartment home can be extremely exciting. Looking for the perfect apartment home with all the amenities you require at the price that you can afford, can sometimes be a long process too. But you cannot forget details that most people tend to put off. This can sometimes cause you to delay your search or even worse, you may lose your new apartment home to somebody else because you did not have all your ducks in a row.

The Security Deposit

You probably signed a contract with your current apartment home. And there is probably a paragraph that describes your security deposit. You will want to schedule a walk through with your landlord or apartment manager in order to discusses what repairs if any need to be made. Most apartment communities will hold you responsible for any damages that go beyond the normal wear and tear.

A couple things that you should not forget. Write a letter to your landlord that you are giving sufficient notice to exit your apartment home. Again it should be stated in your lease contract the amount of time you must provide in advance. Next you will want to provide the landlord with your forwarding address. This is where they will mail your check. If you don't provide an address, you won't receive any monies.

Don't write your security deposit off as a loss. Its your money, you just have to act accordingly to receive it.

Letters of Recommendation

Sometimes your new apartment will want a letter of recommendation from your previous landlord. Assuming you left appropriately, you should have no problem. Make sure your on good terms with your current apartment community. Giving sufficient notice is one way to remain on good term. The letter should state contact information, the dates you rented, and that you paid rent on time.

And if you can get a letter from your employer, this should also help in the approval process. It should be short and sweet. It should include how much you make and include the contact information for your employer.