Magazines are such a great escape from everyday life.  Whether you save money by subscribing or buy them à la carte on the newsstand, the number of magazines sitting on your coffee table can easily get out of hand.  While they can have great reference material, it is not helpful to have stacks and stacks of magazines to "refer to."  If you have the space and the system to do so, then feel free!  For those trying to save space, here are some ideas for reining it in.

-Use your smart phone or digital camera to take pictures of the articles, photos, blurbs etc. that you would like to refer to in the future.  Then, upload the photos to Evernote (, an app that files photos, notes, and websites (among other things) so you can find them! Their free service has been great in my experience, but they do offer premium services as well.

-If you prefer paper to technological solutions, binders with page protectors are a good option.  The down side is you may get to the point where you have multiple binders or one has so many pages it is difficult to reference.  Alternatively, use a photo album to save clippings.  This strategy is useful if you're comparison shopping for items or even for haircut ideas that you want to bring to the salon.

Once the useful articles have been extracted either with a smart phone or by physically clipping them, then recycle them!

-If all the articles are still present, doctor's offices are often very grateful for magazines.  You can also check with the local library, nursing homes, dentist, etc.
-Friends might enjoy swapping magazines if you have complementary tastes.
-If articles are missing, schools may need them for art projects or alternatively, take them to the recycling bin.

Using technology to save and refer to articles is the best way I have found to deal with my magazine habit.  Binders and photo albums are alternatives that are helpful as long as they don't multiply like the magazines.  Don't forget to donate, swap, or recycle magazines when you're done!