It really is possible to make money online. But, there is no 'quick route to riches'. That's why there are so many unhappy would-be Internet millionaires. Cyberspace won't make you rich but it is a tool you can use to improve your finances. If you want to make money, you can use the Internet to do so. One way to improve your cash-flow is to take online surveys for money. There are lots of happy people earning some cash from legitimate paid surveys, and lots of grumpy people who think the whole thing is a scam. The key is to follow a few simple rules if you want to get paid surveys online.

Online Surveys for Money - Rule #1 Don't be Greedy

There are a huge number of survey sites which offer surveys that pay. Some offer cash, others vouchers, prize draw entries or gifts. None offer vast amounts of cash simply for your responses to an online survey. If they do, you can pretty much guarantee that they're a scam of some sort. But, if you're happy to think 'small' at least to begin with, you can get paid surveys online.

This doesn't mean you cannot make a decent amount of cash from paid surveys. You can, if you invest the time and effort into the process. But, if you stumble upon a 'get rich quick' scheme run away! Stick with building up slowly and your earning potential will grow without any huge disappointments.

Don't forget too, vouchers and prizes whilst not so valuable immediately as cold hard cash, can accumulate into something pretty spectacular over time.

Online Surveys for Money - Rule #2 - Be Sensible

This really follows on from Rule #1. If a site makes promises which seem too good to be true, leave it alone. There is no-one online looking out for you, wanting you to make more money than them, so why would anyone be offering you anything that unbelievable?

Online Surveys for Money - Rule #3 - Everything Should be Free

Okay, maybe there are legitimate sites that need a sign up fee. But, why bother. There are vast numbers of completely free to join, online survey sites so stick with those, at least until you understand how the whole consumer panel and questionnaire industry works.

Some sites will offer you ebooks or lists of great survey sites to join. But, they'll ask you to pay for the information. Click away, the information is available for free. So these paid for lists save you some time, but I thought the whole point of the exercise was to take online surveys for money. You don't need to spend a penny to get paid surveys online.

Online Surveys for Money - Rule #4 - Sign Up for Everything!

The key to making money from online surveys is that you need to receive as many surveys as possible. The reasons are cumulative.

Firstly, lots and lots of paid questionnaires do not offer huge payouts. So, complete as many as possible for all those little sums of money to add up to something worthwhile.

Secondly, often survey sites are looking for a particular type of person, or demographic to provide information. Sometimes you'll be just who they need, other times you won't and so those times you won't make a penny. The more paid survey sites you are signed up with, the more surveys you will be suitable for and the more cash you'll be paid.

Online Surveys for Money - Rule #5 - Be the Perfect Participant

Online survey site are looking for panelists who participate regularly, accurately and quickly. The more often, you are able to return a completed survey swiftly, the more surveys they are likely to offer you. The best paying online surveys are the ones with the fewest participants, so you need to be the best panelist that the site has.

Online Surveys for Money - Rule #6 - Tell Them Everything!

Most sites offering online surveys for money have a raft of non-paid questionnaires to build up a complete profile of you. The more of this information you complete, the more the survey site knows about you. This then means they can include you in more specialist or limited surveys for which you are their suitable target participant. The more you tell them, the more specialist surveys that pay, they can send your way.

Online Surveys for Money - Rule #7 - It's Not Just Surveys

As well as form filling, many of these sites are looking for more active participation. If you can get into the live telephone or real-time online questionaires you open the door to more ways to make money, and more of it each time too.

Follow the Rules to Get Paid Surveys Online

It can be fun and rewarding to take online surveys for money. Just keep your wits about you and don't expect to make a fortune overnight. This is a slow burner - the longer you work with a particular site the more opportunities they will send your way. Of course be vigilant, my motto is not to pay for anything.

If this is a way to make a little extra income, you don't want to spend it all before you start. Look for free to join online surveys that pay and free help and advice - the Internet has a lot more of that than the paid kind, but sometimes you do need to look a little harder for it.