It has become common place for people to look at the problems in their lives and then spend a lot of time parceling out the blame for the problems they face throughout their lives. 'The economy was bad so I was unable to find the right job." OR “It was my coworker’s fault that a project didn’t come out right." OR maybe even "It was my parent’s fault that they were too strict with me so now I can’t follow any rules."  The list of excuses is as long as a person can imagine. However there is a simple cure for all of the problems we face like this and that is called responsibility.

When you look at any situation it really is neither good nor bad it just is. We have been conditioned to immediately assign a label to everything to make them more understandable. Yet we always lack the depth and understanding of the full picture to really know if the value of the experience. A great example would be that you get a flat tire on your car.  It would be hard to label this a good thing, and easy to look at it as negative. However if the flat tire changed your departure time enough that you missed getting into a traffic accident that would have injured you and destroyed your car, it would be a good thing.

When you look for the larger good in a situation or the good that can be taken from it then there is no real reason to point a finger at someone else or make excuses.  It takes a great deal of patience and understanding to try to rise above the fray of life.  When you look at the game from a perspective of up top there is a better chance to see the reactions that people have to deal with. You can’t make an accurate judgment of the final score of a game from the score that you see a t halftime.

Another area that we often make excuses and have a hard time taking responsibility is in our personal relationships. They all follow a pattern, from the beginning stage of infatuation to its final conclusion. Whether the relationship provides 50 years of commitment or two weeks of misery will depend on the choices that you make.  Sometimes the chemistry is off and it would never work out, but when a relationship has gone on for years and it ends because of problems with fidelity or a lack of empathy that is from choice and decision.

Rather than blame the other person for the problems in your life, a person needs to look at themselves in the mirror.  Taking responsibility for your own decisions is a part of the relationship process. Even if your partner turns out to be a total creep, they were more than likely that way all along. If you thought that you would change them and overlooked obvious personality flaws, then you have to accept responsibility when these flaws jump up and bite you. So instead of sitting around in the dark and listening to sad music and swearing about your relationship, look in the mirror and see what part you played in enabling this to happen.

When it comes to life, those who live it in a happy manner tend to have a knack for taking responsibility for their decisions and choices.  There is no need to feel sorry for yourself and wallow in self pity as you feel angry or sad.  That is what taking responsibility for your life is all about.