Take surveys for money the advertisement said. It sounded good to me, I was a student at the time and any easy money made from my dorm room was welcome. The funny thing is that starving student syndrome and a severe lack of time taught me a lot about learning how to make consistent cash with not much time spent. How did I do it? Organization, practice and tenacity were my keys to learning how to make money online without spending a dime.

You may think it sounds strange, but I really had such a heavy class load for a few terms that I got my system down to a science during my first year away at school. For those who will tell you that online surveys do not pay well enough to bother with, my answer has always been "Good, more money for me to make." I don't mind less competition any day.

In reality, taking surveys online for extra money from your dorm room is not a bad deal. The time you spend is flexible. The Internet is open 24/7 and 365 days a year. You don't need to go anywhere to work. You can wear your PJ's and nobody will stand over you and micromanage your work. Most importantly for many students is that you don't need much brain power to give your opinion, so you can save your energy for more important things like drinking beer, cramming for finals, drinking more beer. Did I mention drinking beer?

You are pretty much a free agent, able to complete market research paid surveys any time day or night, doing as many or as few as you choose to do. Work when you want, don't work when you don't and get paid accordingly for your time. Sounds like the perfect SAHM job, or student position doesn't it? Even years after graduation, I still do surveys on a regular basis. I'm a freelance writer now, and a few extra bucks will never hurt when you have paychecks as sporadic as mine generally are.

6 Strategies for Exploding Your Earnings Potential with Paid Surveys Online

1.Taking surveys for regular income is a volume endeavor if you want to make anything more than a few bucks here and there. Register with every market research firm you can find and do not mess around with wondering why one company never seems to have anything for you on most days. The reality of the market research industry is that the more lines you have in the water at once, the more likely you are to end up with a steady stream of offers. Each firm has only a small share of the overall paid market research survey industry, so do register with enough companies to ensure steady work.

2. Be organized to increase your chances of getting offers before they are filled. Survey spots fill rapidly and there is always a lot of competition for participants. For more highly paid focus groups or surveys, the competition is even stiffer. Set up a single email account just for your survey offers, and check it every couple of hours during business hours. Most offers are posted and filled within minutes to hours, so you need to be quick to get selected. Respond immediately if you are interested in participating for consideration.

3. Complete the work right away and give solid detailed answers if asked to write your opinion. Market research companies will often give special consideration to both regular and reliable survey takers. Build your reputation and more offers will begin to come your way. Use good grammar and proper English when filling out all answers.

4. Cherry Pick the highest paid offers whenever possible. It never hurts to go for the bigger and better paid projects first. Working smarter rather than harder applies to the survey for compensation concept of making money from home too. I used to do surveys until I either reached a set daily income minimum, or there were no more offers available to me. I started with the most highly paid to make life easier and maximize my payouts for the time invested an worked my way down to the lowest paid offers.

5. Don't forget to do the smaller surveys too. These are usually really lowly paid, sometimes even a dollar or two each, however there is less competition for the smaller offers and they are a lot easier to get. Doing several smaller online paid surveys will eventually add up if there are no better paid offers available. As an added bonus, most are very short and quick to complete.

6. Don't give up. Some of my friends started taking surveys about the same time I did and tossed in the towel shortly thereafter. When I asked a few of them why, they told me that they did not think they could make enough money to make it work their time to continue. It was kind of sad to watch them pound out hours at the nearest fast food joint only because they gave up too early. With practice come both efficiency and a better hourly wage for your efforts. Just as in everything else time is money and practice makes the process easier. Taking surveys for cash compensation is not different.

While taking online surveys as a way to earn extra money will not make you rich, if you work the system you will be able to generate a fairy solid cash flow for your efforts. I would be remiss if I did not mention that just like every other type of work online, many will fail simply because they lack the ability to be both organized and self directed.

Organization will get you paid and help you maximize your income for the time you spend filling out survey forms. The work is anything but interesting, although I would have to say that the flexibility of the schedule is nice and works well for many.

Most who try to make money in the market research industry will give up because they do not have the ability to be self directed. There is a common misconception out there that working from home does not mean working, but rather, dabbling at your leisure. I have laugh at this misconception, because as someone who is self employed I get this all the time. I work harder now from home than I ever have for anyone else in my life. Working from home, regardless of the type of work you do, is still working and taking surveys falls into that category.

Do you want to take surveys for money? The pay is not high. The work is not glamorous, but I have to admit that making money by taking surveys is a legitimate way to make money from home online. At any rate, it beats having a boss for casual or part time income. Be sure to find credible online survey sites and you will be on your way to more money in no time.