Take The Challenge
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One common misconception about successful people, or success as a whole, is that people tend to see them from the moment these individuals hit the spot light. I have been a victim of this kind of thinking myself. For one reason or another I either underscored their hard work or blatantly ignore their background of hustle, struggle, and hard work making their success seem like an overnight experience. I don't know why I did it. Maybe I wanted to make it seem easier to do to make me believe I could do it too. Maybe it was a bit of subconscious jealousy, God knows how jealous humanity is by nature. Not one of our best traits and one I hope I have learned to suppress.

The Truth About Success

The Only Smart Investment

Success is not by luck. Well, there are some lucky ones out there but that's only a small percentage of the succesful individuals. True success is earned. You have to be willing to put the hours, sweat, tears and blood into what you are trying to accomplish. As Pat Flynn, one the most succesful bloggers out there puts it, "work hard now so you can reap the benefits later."[1] This is true of the unconventional world of blogging and online business as it is of any career path that you choose to walk.

Take acting for example. One of the glamorous careers where success, for those of outside of the industry, seems like an overnight thing. However, when you look dip into succesful actors careers, you see just how much work, dedication and sacrifice they underwent to make it. Leonardo DiCaprio is one such example of the "overnight celebrity." He indeed became incredibly famous after his role on The Titanic but it was his dedication to undertake challenging roles that has propelled his carrier. DiCaprio took many roles before finally landing the gig for The Titanic and even after that he took on acting roles not for their box-office potential, but for their challenging roles.[2]

That's the true path to success. Take challenging roles, through your career and life, to expand your horizon. Every time you push past you comfort zone, expand your horizon, you immediately start to set a new comfort zone. You grow as much as you are willing to step outside your comfort zone. Actors like Jake Gyllenhaal who have already tasted success still look to take the challenge and expand his horizon. He's now solely looking for roles that are challenging and ignoring easy pay days.[3]

The same goes for party boy Matthew McConaughey who says he is only taking on roles that scare him. He doesn't want to roles similar to what he's done in the past.[4]


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This mindset keeps coming back everytime an actor gets interviewed and asked what made them choose to play the role they undertook. They say the were scared of the character or they never had played something like it before. They wanted to challenge themselve, grow as much as they could, and come out of the other side victories and better prepared.


So What is The One Single Time Proofed Smart Investment?

To Invest in Yourself

That's it. As simple as that! I used acting and actors as a context to explain the philosophy of what it really takes to create success for yourself because of the apparent "overnight success" they are often associated with but make no mistake, this applies to every aspect of your life. Whether you are a corporate business person, entrepreneur, writer, artist, or whatever you decide your path in life is, you need to meet fear in the face and choose to succeed by taking on the challenge. Expand your horizons and create your own success through your actions. Invest the time and effort, invest in yourself, and you will receive the greatest return on investment. This is the only timed proved smart investment out there. You can lose all your assets tomorrow but what you have learned stays with you and you can use it to rise.


Take the challenge. Invest in yourself and undertake challenging roles to expand your horizon.

What challenging role can you undertake now to start creating your story of success? Leave a comment below and commit to be held accountable for your future.