Incorporating Yogurt in Your Diet

Health Benefits of Yogurt

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Another popular snack treat for individuals who are trying to watch their weight is yogurt. Apart from making you reduce excess fat, yogurt has extra benefits to your body?

One way to enhance your health the natural way is by consuming adequate amounts of yogurt daily. Yogurt contains live microorganisms also known as probiotics. These good bacteria help your body function properly. 

The following are some benefits you are able to get from eating yogurt:

•           Regulates gastro-intestinal functions

Because yogurt is bountiful on probiotics, it helps enhance food digestion and absorption. This will prevent you from undergoing hyperactive bowel movements and constipation. It also helps those who are lactose intolerant. It likewise lowers your risk of having inflammatory bowel diseases like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease.

•           Boosts the body’s immune system

Probiotics from yogurt makes your body better in resisting harmful bacteria, lessening your risk of having infections. These good bacteria also improve your body's natural healing action so you can quickly recover from illnesses.

•           Regulates blood pressure

Studies have shown that taking 2-3 servings of low-fat dairy every day will tremendously reduce your risks of getting hypertension. A few dairy products are high with dairy fat that's not healthy for anyone's heart.

•           Aids in weight loss

Since yogurt is low-fat, it liberates you from concerns of gaining weight. While dieting, it's crucial that you still get adequate nutrients so you do not end up being undernourished. Yogurt has an adequate quantity of vitamins and minerals that you need.

•           Osteoporosis prevention

Yogurt, just like other dairy products have additional calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients are quite important in keeping your bones stronger.

Here are a few tips you can abide by when settling on adding yogurt in your diet.

1.         Pick out the type of yogurt that you wish to take.

There are several types of yogurt. Some have regular fat, some are low-fat and some are fat-free. You might also want to consider the sugar content in the yogurt. Check the label at the back of the package. Read and do a comparison on nutritional contents of different brands.

2.         Make it a habit

You are able to eat yogurt anytime and anywhere. Be sure to take some yogurt daily. Bring along some in the office so you can quickly have yogurt on your lunch break. Put one in your bag so you can get a healthy snack anyplace.

3.         Replace other ingredients with yogurt.

Yogurt can easily be added up to your recipes. Use yogurt rather than ice cream when making a smoothie. You could also try putting yogurt when baking cakes and other pastries. Instead of milk, use yogurt.