With music being all around us these days it really pays off to have a really nice set of headphones to use with your ipod, iphone, mp3, smart phone, or laptop computer.  During working hours I used to primarily listen to music through my computer speakers, or through some really “cheap” ear buds that came included with my music devices.  Over time I experimented around with various speakers & music head-phones, and came to realize I had really been missing out.  You are probably asking: missing out how?  Well, once you’ve listened to music through a set of music headphones that deliver high quality sound, you begin to hear things in your music you’ve never heard before.  Listening to music with quality head-phones is a whole new listening experience.  I now have a very difficult time enjoying my music when I’m not using a pair of my nicer headphones. 

One of best lines of head-phones I’ve been able to find for listening to music is the Grado Prestige line of headphones.  The line features similar models, but as you move up the line in price, you also move up in audio quality.  The great thing about this line is they have an offering that suits just about everyone’s budget.  The line ranges from around $70-300 USD.  The lowest priced model in this line the SR60i headphones, are known as one of the best headphones on the market for the price.  The other models in the line are the SR80i, SR125i, SR225i, and the SR325i.  These particular head-phones have a retro throwback styling about them, that I find very desirable, as do many others.  The headphones are manufactured in Brooklyn, New York, and are very well known  among audiophiles. 

The headphones in this line are particularly nice because they have very low impedance, meaning that a lower powered device like an ipod, iphone, mp3, or smart phone, can power these headphones without needing an additional amplifier.  There are many high end headphones that do need additional power to drive the headphones, therefore are not as good for using with lower powered devices.

I would recommend these to anyone interested in buying a quality set of headphones to listen to their music.