The Black Hills Area of South Dakota is an awesome vacation destination. Located in South Dakota, the Black Hills area contains 2 of the most recognizable attractions in the United States. The Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore. These are not the only things to see in the Black Hills area, just the most well known. Other places of interest are Custer State Park, Wind Cave National Park, and Deadwood South Dakota.

The Badlands National Park is a beautiful vista of rock formations unequaled in any other part of the United States. This is a unique National Park in that the visitor is allowed to climb the rock formations at your own risk. There are many marked hiking trails and you are allowed to go off trail again at your own risk. There are also many types of wildlife to view such as buffalo, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, as well as a multitude of bird life. A trip to The Badlands National Park is a must when visiting the Black Hills area.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is probably the most recognized of all the sites in the Black Hills area. Work on the Memorial was started in 1927 and continued until 1941. Gutzon Borglum is the artist who made Mount Rushmore possible. He loved the United States. Borglum choose 4 presidents that he felt were some of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States. Mount Rushmore is awe inspiring and a sight to behold.

Wind Cave National Park located in the Black Hills area is home to Wind Cave. Tours are offered for a fee of varying lengths and difficulty. It is an awesome site to be inside this wonderful cave and is well worth the entrance fee. Wind Cave National Park also has hiking trails and camping. Some of the hiking trails wind through grasslands and ponderosa pine forests.

Custer State Park is a wonderful park to camp or stay at any number of great lodges within the park. The wildlife to be seen include buffalo, wild burros, elk, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelop, coyote, and mountain goats to name a few. There are hiking trails throught the park and bikes can be rented as well.

Deadwood South Dakota established in 1875 when gold was discovered. Some of Deadwoods more famous residents were Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Seth Bullock. The town is brimming with history at every turn. Check out the Mount Moriah Cemetery where the famous are buried, and they have a civil war section which is very interesting. All in all a trip to Deadwood will give you memories to last a life time.

A trip to the Black Hills area is a wonderful way to see some of the United States most recognizable parks and Memorials. A trip you won't soon forget.