January sales arrive early

Most of us have shopped until we dropped for weeks on end, before Christmas. Despite this fact we all seem to want to bag a bargain in the post Christmas sales.

The January sales now seem to begin on Boxing Day and many people rush out early to join in the furore. With sales online also, our inboxes are full of special offers and deals to tempt us to carry on spending.

Perhaps you put some money aside for the sales or maybe you received money for Christmas, which is burning a hole in your pocket. Whatever the situation, for many the sales will be hard to resist.

Here is some advice though before you run amok on a spending spree.

Too much choice When is a bargain not a bargain?

Often the so called bargains are items which no-one wanted to buy before Christmas. Such items may have been overpriced in the past or maybe they are just no longer popular. In so many cases that fabulous bargain may be anything but.

You also need to consider if you really want or need your purchase. If you buy, for example, an item of clothing that you will never wear, it is not a bargain no matter how cheap it is. It is all too easy to be swept along on a tide of spending, only to arrive home with a heap of useless items.

Get ready for the crowds Safety.

In the UK, as early as 8am on Boxing Day, shoppers were already queuing up outside of some stores waiting for the doors to open. Perhaps the first few people through the doors would have bagged a true bargain but the others may not have been so lucky.

Getting to these stores though meant travelling early in the morning when the icy roads were at their least friendly. The town and city centres, although full of bargain hunters, will not be as well stocked with people as on a normal day. This can mean that car parks and the like are desolate places.

Always consider your safety as a priority. Ideally travel and shop with a friend or family member. Avoid desolate and dark areas of town. Dress for the winter weather and come prepared.

Try to dress down and avoid carrying flashy handbags or wearing expensive jewllery. There will be plenty of thieves out for the post Christmas sales but their agenda will be a little different to yours.

A spending wonderland Budget.

Think about your finances in the long term. Just after Christmas may not be the ideal time to go on a spending spree.

Is that sale item so desireable that it is worth getting into debt for? I doubt it.

A sensible approach may be to leave your credit cards at home. Perhaps it would be wise to set yourself a budget for the sales also. Many people see the great prices in sales and their good sense flies out of the window. Do not let this happen to you, unless you are the lucky one whose budget is limitless.

Sales GalorePost Christmas Sales Final thoughts.

Keep your wits about you whilst you enjoy the atmosphere of the post Christmas sales. Online sales shopping may suit some people better than heading for the High Street. There is no need to travel and the temptation to buy may be less.

If after all of this advice you want to bag a bargain go for it but remember:-

  1. Is it really a bargain?
  2. Do you need the item?
  3. Do you really want the item?
  4. Can you really afford the price?

Remember that shop owners and manufacturers want you to buy and will try every trick in the book to get you to part with your money. Make sure that you only do so if YOU really want to.