Why are Luxury Safari Holidays in Botswana so Popular?

Luxury safari holidays in beautiful Botswana provide the perfect introduction to Africa. Gorgeous scenery teeming with a variety of wildlife envelopes you during your sojourn, as you take in the vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. Comfortable camps allow you to rest and relax before the next day’s wanderings. Remember to sample the local cuisine while enjoying the hospitality of the friendly people. During your luxury safari you will hike over immense grasslands, walk by the banks of winding waterways and watch antelope, giraffe and wildebeest quench their thirst on the floodplains. The sheer natural diversity of Botswana makes it an ideal destination for a luxury safari filled with excitement and adventure. Whether you want to snap lurking big cats or elegant giraffes for photographs to cherish, Botswana will deliver all you desire.

Ride Elephants and Horses and Take in the Natural Wonders

What could be more thrilling during your luxury safari than investigating the fantastic plains around Mombo and Chiefs Camp riding a horse or an elephant? Make a new friend as you traverse the rich savannahs around the Okavango Delta, which covers an incredible area of 6,000 to 15,000 km². Africa’s largest herds of elephants inhabit the expansive floodplains, providing an unparalleled opportunity to see families of elephants carry on with their lives undisturbed in their untainted natural environment. Other wondrous sights include grazing herds of zebra and impala. More wildlife can be observed at the famous Moremi Game Reserve, where packs of African wild dogs, prides of lions and herds of buffalo roam free. You must also visit the Makgadikgadi Sanctuary to see the flocks of flamingos. You can be sure of spectacular sights on a luxury safari holiday in Botswana.

Visit the Deserts in Botswana

The arid deserts of Botswana become fertile pastures when showers fall from February to June. Here you can switch your horse or elephant for a quick quadbike, enabling you to encircle migrating herds as they feast upon the newly arrived vegetation. There is also an abundance of interesting birdlife to spot, with more than 350 species thriving in the region. Visit the famous Kalahari Desert and you will be enthralled by the whoops and chattering of the hyenas within the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The second largest game reserve in the world, it is home to a vast number of animals, including the eland and springbok, which dance among the grassy dunes. If an untainted paradise is what you seek, choose a luxury safari in Botswana for the holiday of a lifetime.