Taken is a great action movie featuring a diverse international setting. The beginning of the film takes place in the United States, where we meat Brian Mills. At first, not much is known about his background, but it soon becomes clear that he is some type of ex-CIA agent with a very special set of skills (as the character himself makes clear). Brian's job with the CIA caused him to be away from home a great deal. Consequently, his marriage ended up in divorce and he missed a great deal of his daughter's childhood. To make up for lost times he retired from his job and moved closer to Kim (his daughter). The two seem to get along fairly well, but she becomes upset with him when he refuses to sign a waver permitting her to go to Europe. At first Brian refuses, because he feels that it would be too dangerous for her to go to Europe without adult supervision. Eventually, he does reluctantly agree.

Not long after landing in France Kim is, well, taken. Albanian gangsters abduct her with the intention of selling her into sexual slavery. Up to this point the movie has been rather slow, but now the pace picks up. Brian is in Paris in no time to track down Kim, acting as a one man wrecking crew along the way. Numerous scenes permit Liam Neeson's character to show of his fighting skills, apparently some type of mix between judo, aikido, and ju-jitsu. Many aspects of this film strain plausibility, like the fact that Brian just happens to be talking to Kim on the phone when the bad guys come in, the fact that he kills a whole bunch of people without facing any legal consequences, or that his able crew (who were introduced in the beginning of the film) were not seen again later in the film. Of course, the real reason we did not see them is because once the real action started Liam Neeson was to have the screen to himself, but then why bother introducing Leland Orser and company in the first place? Of course, products of the movie industry are generally not known for being realistic. Taken 2 is scheduled to be released on October 5, 2012. Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Jansen and Leland Orser will all be reprising their roles. It will probably be a great deal like its predecessor; not very realistic, but popular at the box office.